The National RILSA Coach, Dan Carroll, spent a number of days recently, giving free coaching to the girls & boys of the CBS Westland Row in Dublin.

The girls at the CBS were delighted with the coaching and support received from RILSA.

The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association are really getting behind the Schools initiative as the interest and momentum rises among the young girls in our member schools across the Country.  We are holding a number of coaching courses in 2018, to ensure that we have qualified coaches in every member school that have tables, to further encourage more young girls into cue sports.

Consistent encouragement along with positive purposeful coaching is our policy going forward.  We must strive to improve standards along with the enjoyment of cue sports among young girls if we are to keep the interest and participation among young girls in the sport improving.

As previous studies show, young girls are more likely to leave sport in early teenage years.  We in RILSA have a part to play to help and encourage young girls continue with their sport and give them every opportunity to enjoy and participate in a sport they like.

These coaching days at our member schools are vital to the success and growth of our Association.

The girls at the CBS are accepted by the male students when it comes to cue sports at the school.  This is down to the initiatives and support of RILSA along with the huge support of the Principal Kate Byrne and teachers, Alan Bailey, Rosie Carroll and everyone involved at the school.

A new change in mindsets is very evident in our schools as we move forward in support of women in sport.  A generational change is progressing as young males accept girls in sport and indeed help encourage them without any ambiguity towards their capability in a new World of positive change for the better for all of us.