The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association have secured sponsorship valued at €3,000 towards the development of two junior players.

We will be selecting more young girls during the coming months to take up this fantastic opportunity to help them on their way in their chosen sport.

17-year-old Rachel Bradley from Kildare and 14-year-old Jennifer Earle from Dublin have been selected for this scholarship that will take in 1 year of snooker practice and free entry to the RILSA National Ranking Tour for 2018/2019 season commencing in September next.  This is part of the RILSA 10 year plan, to help young girls develop their skills and confidence in cue sports.

The scholarship will include coaching on a regular basis to further develop their technique and skills.

Rachel Bradley has shown great promise over the past 2 years with great interest in snooker.  Rachel having finished 15th last season on the National Rankings and is provisionally ranked 9th so far this season after her participation in a number of events.  Rachel has won the RILSA National Special Needs Title on two occasions along with finishing number 2 on the National Intermediate Rankings last season, is sending signals of progress and this scholarship will certainly improve her standings during the season.

Jennifer Earle is a complete beginner to cue sports but her interest and enthusiasm for developing her skills and wanting to get stuck in to competitive events during the new RILSA season, this Scholarship will give her the opportunity to improve and develop in the sport.  We look forward to seeing their progress during the season ahead.

It’s very important that girls are given the opportunity to excel in their chosen sport along with encouragement for girls to continue to play sports for as long as the wish.  A lot of girls drop out of sport once they move into secondary school and we at RILSA are determined that when we see potential that we help, support and develop it in a positive way.

This 1 year scholarship is just what these young girls need.  Their parents will play an important roll as they progress and develop into mature players.  Organisations sometimes forget how important parents and mentors are, in the development of their children in sport.  Transport, money and time is all down to these people and we at RILSA recognises this and we are very grateful to their support and encouragement.  Not forgetting also the principal’s and teachers of their schools who are so supportive, we thank you too for all the support.

A huge thanks to Paul & Bernie of Sharkx for the practice time and to RILSA for the facilities at their Academy at Sharkx along with entry free events.  Coaching will be provided free by World snooker coach, Dan Carroll