The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association have their Garda Vetting set up with the Carlow Volunteer Service The new Garda Vetting Procedures and act commenced on April 29th 2016.

RILSA have their own Garda Vetting Officer and Garda Vetting Committee to oversee the implementation of their policy on Garda Vetting and fully comply with the new act and procedures that have been introduced.

RILSA have always stated that anyone wishing to become a Board/Committee member, referee or coach must have Garda Vetting completed before being elected onto the Board/Committee or becoming a referee or coach within the Association and this also applies to our policy on Child Protection.

If any RILSA member wishes to take up a position on the Board/Committee or become a referee or coach, you must complete the Garda Vetting along with Child Protection before hand.

Our Garda Vetting Policy is now available on our website or to any of our members who wish to have a copy by, requesting it from our Garda Vetting Officer Mr Dan Carroll on

The RILSA Garda Vetting Committee comprises of the following persons

Dan Carroll

Annette Newman

Valerie Maloney