The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association are introducing a new Horizon Scholarship for the 2019-2020 Season which will commence in May 2019.

Anyone wishing to avail of this new Scholarship must be a current member and apply to the Board of RILSA where all applications will be collated and screened, where ONLY 4 places will be allocated from the applicants.

In order to apply for the Horizon Scholarship, applicants who are at beginner stage in the sport are encouraged as this is the first step in a tiered development stage on your career in the sport.

Other Scholarship advance initiatives will be rolled out in the coming months where players can move in a timed and progressive manner through the standards attained in the sport over the Scholarship period.

The Horizon Scholarship will include Professional Coaching at intervals with Certificate levels that have to be attained in order to move onto the next level and so on, this will put in place goal sets for those on the Scholarship.  Free table time will be offered throughout the Scholarship period to help encourage those who wish to advance in the sport with a sound base to start and move through the various levels.

Below is the outline regarding aim and objective at Horizon Level Scholarship.

Application forms are now available via email to with closing date Monday 8th April 2019.  Applications after that date will not be entered for consideration.

The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association Horizon Scholarship is to cater for beginner standard players who wish to advance in the sport.

The main Aim is to offer a holistic approach to player development and achieve notable performances at appropriate National events, whilst preparing players to join the Elite Performance Programme in years to come.


  1. To provide young players with access to professional coaching and support from RILSA in terms of all aspects of the game.


  1. To support young players and their parents, in terms of psychology and lifestyle planning to equip them to negotiate the journey towards high performance.


  1. To create a safe environment where young players are free to play snooker/billiards and challenged to learn in order to enhance their skill-set.