The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association junior initiative is very encouraging as the numbers rise each year and more young players stay in the sport.

A number of after school programmes along with the Snooker4Girls initiative and Junior Scholarship is working fantastic for RILSA.

105 young girls are now making up the National Junior Ranking list.  Never before in ladies snooker here in Ireland has such a show of interest in cue sports been achieved.  We at RILSA are absolutely delighted with the response from our member schools.

Girls snooker is growing on a weekly basis and RILSA is there all day every day to help and support these young girls who wish to play snooker.

Our junior billiards section is beginning to grow since we introduced a few girls to the sport a few months ago, we now have 10 girls listed.

Emirjeta Doda our current National U21 Champion and number 1 on the rankings over the past two years has been elected to RILSA as the National Junior Development Officer.

Emirjeta is a fantastic asset to our association, she is very advanced for her 18 years.  She was our representative at the last two PEXPO’s in Dublin and took the initiative right from the start, signing up new members and schools during these events.

Emirjeta has a great approach and confidence in her knowledge of the sport and RILSA as she helps promote and encourage young players into the sport.

Young Grace Byrne from Carlow has shown great promise as a player for the future, taking the U12 RILSA Championship title earlier this year and making history by being the first girl to win a Stars Academy title since it’s inception back in 1981 when she won the U13 Title recently.  Grace is provisionally 5th on the National Rankings after finishing 12th last season, she will be one to watch out for in the future.  A 14th place on the National Junior Ranking in her first year playing is a great start for Grace as she progresses in the sport.

A number of other young players have made their mark on the circuit, such as, Caitlin Tucker, Faye Jameson, Englintina Doda, Keara Minion,Orla Fitzpatrick, Lauren McGrath, Megan King, Roisin Beale, Rachel Bradley and Carrie & Megan Randle all have a great future in the sport


National Junior Ranking List 2016/2017 Season

Ranking Name Club/School TOTAL
1st Emirjeta Doda Joey’s Snooker Club, Dublin 8,200
2nd  Englentina Doda Stanhope St, Dublin 5,600
3rd  Faye Jameson CBS Westland Row, Dublin 5,000
4th Laura Regan Colaiste Cluan Meala, Tipperary 4,800
5th  Rachel Doran Ballinabranna, Carlow 4,300
6th Megan King Hacketstown, Carlow 4,000
7th Caitlin Tucker CBS Westland Row, Dublin 3,400
8th Kayleigh Bracken Hacketstown, Carlow 3,200
9th Amanda Walsh Ballinabranna, Carlow 3,200
10th Lauren McGrath Hacketstown, Carlow 3,100
11th Zara Lawless CBS Westland Row, Dublin 3,000
12th Mollie Comerford Ballinabranna, Carlow 3,000
13th Shannon Dermody Ballinabranna, Carlow 2,800
14th Grace Byrne Ballinabranna, Carlow 2,300
15th Keara Minion Ballinabranna, Carlow 2,300
16th Robyn Boyd CBS Westland Row, Dublin 2,200
17th Orla Fitzpatrick Ballinabranna, Carlow 2,100
18th Kerrie Mulleney Ballinabranna, Carlow 2,000
19th Ellie Mulleney Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,800
20th Alanna Delaney CBS Westland Row, Dublin 1,600
21st Thea Dowling Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,600
22nd Erika Burke CBS Westland Row, Dublin 1,600
23rd Danielle Randle Kevin St DIT/DUBLIN 1,500
24th Jennifer Caufield CBS Westland Row, Dublin 1,400
25th Kayla Whelan Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,400
26th Nadine Kelly Hacketstown, Carlow 1,200
27th Ellie Glynn Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,200
28th Niamh Byrne Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,200
29th Kerry Ann Smyth Kilbarrack Youth Project 1,200
30th Alexandra Burke Naas Community 1,100
31st Holly O’Neill Newbridge Educate 1,100
32nd Michaella Walsh Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,000
33rd Clodagh Walsh Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,000
34th Amy Byrne Hacketstown, Carlow 1,000
35th Ailbhe McGuire Hacketstown, Carlow 1,000
36th Safiyah Gopee CBS Westland Row, Dublin 1,000
37th Tori Rowe CBS Westland Row, Dublin 1,000
38th Kellie Wheatley Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,000
39th Abby Kehoe Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,000
40th Aisling Walsh Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,000
41st Isabel O’Donovan Ballinabranna, Carlow 1,000
42nd Leah Reilly Kilbarrack Youth Project 1,000
43rd Valarija Usenko Naas Community 900
44th Abigaile Peciulyte Naas Community 900
45th Mikaela Quirke Newbridge Educate 900
46th Ella Ryan Hacketstown, Carlow 800
47th Mary McDermott Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
48th Emma Picovici Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
49th Kate Gould Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
50th Sarah Amond Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
51st Cela Lawlor Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
52nd Sophie Boyne CBS Westland Row, Dublin 800
53rd Stephanie Mendes CBS Westland Row, Dublin 800
54th Casey Swaine CBS Westland Row, Dublin 800
55th Elly Kelly Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
56th Ava Murphy Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
57th Leah Connolly Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
58th Ciara Kinsella Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
59th Eva McDonald Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
60th Aoife Watson Ballinabranna, Carlow 800
61st Eva Kavanagh Hacketstown, Carlow 800
62nd Chloe Vamback-Courser Glebe, Wicklow 800
63rd Robyn Delaney CBS Westland Row, Dublin 800
64th Sharon Kazimba Kilbarrack Youth Project 800
65th Holly Ledden CBS Westland Row, Dublin 600
66th Amina Ward CBS Westland Row, Dublin 600
67th Megan Ledden CBS Westland Row, Dublin 600
68th Diamond Chijioke CBS Westland Row, Dublin 600
69th Kasey Radu CBS Westland Row, Dublin 600
70th Niamh Watchorn Ballinabranna, Carlow 600
71st Emma Phelan Ballinabranna, Carlow 600
72nd Rhiannon Byrne Ballinabranna, Carlow 600
73rd Maria Kelly Ballinabranna, Carlow 600
74th Shannon Noonan Ballinabranna, Carlow 600
75th Aoife Byrne Ballinabranna, Carlow 600
76th Aisling Morressey Colaiste Cluan Meala, Tipperary 600
77th Brook Potter Darndale, Dublin 500
78th Hollie Hanevy CBS Westland Row, Dublin 400
79th Sadie Kirwin Colaiste Cluan Meala, Tipperary 400
80th Holly Twamley Hacketstown, Carlow 400
81st Courtney Whelan Darndale, Dublin 300
82nd Stacy Kearns Darndale, Dublin 300
83rd Sophie Moore Darndale, Dublin 300
84th Sally Farrell Darndale, Dublin 300
85th Kellieann King Darndale, Dublin 300
86th Abbie Whelan Darndale, Dublin 300
87th Ellen Nolan DBS, Dublin 300
88th Ruby Lynskey Darndale, Dublin 300
89th Katie Murphy Darndale, Dublin 300
90th Chloe McBride Sharkx Newbridge 300
91st Esmee Molyneaux Sharkx Newbridge 300
92nd Keeley Larkin Darndale, Dublin 300
93rd Lydia Keating Ballinabranna, Carlow 200
94th Roisin Beale Sharkx Newbridge 200
95th Carrie Randle Kilkenny 200
96th Megan Randle Kilkenny 200
97th Nooise Lynch Parnells 200
98th Kate Devey Parnells 200
99th Niamh Kenny Parnells 200
100th Ruth Fennell Parnells 200
101st Elizabeth Black Parnells 200
102nd Emily Black Parnells 200
103rd Ena Mai Patel Newbridge Educate Together 200
104th Ellen McGinley Newbridge Educate Together 200
105th Ffion Tindall Newbridge Educate Together 200