Tina, Val, Aidan, Christine & Annette

Over the past number of weeks, Aidan Murray our National Billiards Coach has been busy getting our ladies ready for the Inaugural Ladies Billiards National Championship that will be played next week in Sharkx Newbridge.

This is such an important step for RILSA to include Billiards in their calendar of events and for the first time in the history of women’s cue sports in Ireland that the sport of Billiards will be played and on a National basis.  As we enter into 2016 our 30th year celebrations we embrace this new sport for women and we hope that in time more and more girls and women will take up Billiards.

Aidan Murray has put our players through their paces over the past 6 weeks with his fantastic knowledge of the sport and giving tips on the sport along with helping the players with their understanding of the rules.  These ladies are now ready to make history at Sharkx as they set the standard and get the ball rolling as we enter into a new era of women’s cue sports here in Ireland.


A special thanks to Aidan for all his help and support and he will continue to support RILSA in the future with the promotion of Billiards.