The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association were invited to attend the PE Expo in Ballymun, Dublin recently.

pe expo 1PE EXPO5 New members at the expo

We made a presentation along with a stand area allocated to us to encourage more girls and women into the sport.  With over 60 Schools in attendance from all over Ireland and just over 400 students, we made every minute count to promote ladies snooker.

We signed up just under 40 new members who will certainly attend future events and snooker workshops that will be organised within the schools as we continue our Snooker4girls Initiative according to our 10 year plan.  With a membership of 372 to date, we are very confident that we will reach our two year target of 400 members by end of 2016.

Our President Margaret Browne was in attendance and was very excited and amazed at the response from both teachers and students who visited our stand.  Margaret met with some of the organisers and Lindie Naughton from the Herald and again the response to the snooker and it’s many benefits to the students was extremely positive.

Annette Emirjeta & MagsEmirjeta Mags & Annette 3

Annette Newman our current National Champion spent a lot of the day introducing and encouraging young girls to take up the sport.  She said that the mood was very positive and that most of those she spoke with will certainly consider trying out the sport especially within the school domain.

Annette presents prizeEmirjeta & Annette

We will visit all our member schools during the months and years ahead, often getting up to 4 schools visited in one day.

Emirjeta Doda our number 1 ranked junior player was excited and delighted to have the opportunity to promote the sport and this she certainly did with fantastic enthusiasm and worked very hard throughout the day in getting many girls to join and many schools to join also.

Emirjeta at work 1Emirjeta at work 2Emirjeta at work

We have received many requests for tables both fold up and full size and we will be getting our consignment out to the schools before the summer break.

Thanks to our President Margaret and National Champion Annette for their total commitment to RILSA and in promoting the ladies sport, not just now but for so many years and keeping loyal to this fantastic Association.

A special thanks to Emirjeta who done such fantastic work on the day, we really appreciate it and this young girl has got the confidence and knowledge to expend all the necessary information and in doing so, makes us all very proud and appreciative of the young people we have in our Association.