The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association saw another bumper season as participation in female cue sports rise for the 4th season in a row.  This now includes our female billiard players as both organisations combine their efforts to encourage more players in the sports.

We had 78 players participate this season in snooker and 14 in billiards.  Our Primary and Special Needs Schools promotions greatly increases participation.

Topping the rankings for the 5th season in a row is Annette Newman from Carlow, a fantastic achievement for her and in doing so, creating a new record.

Cathy Dunne from Dublin is back up to number 2 spot.  This is Cathy’s 4th time in number 2 spot and once held number 1 back in 2004.

Christine Carr from Kildare is in 3rd place, a credible place for her as she is very consistent on the tour having held a top 8 spot since joining back in 2015.

Jennifer Earle from Dublin makes it into the top 4 for the first time having made it to 11th spot last season, she is one to watch in the future.

Margaret Browne from Meath moves from 8th to 5th spot.  Margaret is very consistent on the tour and held a credible 3rd place back in 2016.

Newcomer to the RILSA tour is Joanna Ward from Kildare and secured number 6 on the rankings in her first season with RILSA, a great result for her.

Michelle French is up two spots from 9th to 7th place.  This is Michelle’s highest ranking since joining RILSA back in 2017 and to make the top 8 is a great result for her also.

Tina Keogh from Offaly has been a consistent player since joining RILSA in 2014 and has held a top 8 spot ever since, holding 7th place on 4 occasions and two at number 8th.

Congratulations to all our top 8 players who will now qualify for events during the year ahead, more to follow on this later.

Players who made it into the top 16 this season are Claire Mill (Dublin) from 46th place to 13th, Stephanie Morrison (Carlow) from 41st place to 11th, Celine Chelariu (Kildare) from 28th to 15th place, Sileena Ennis (Kildare) from 23rd to 14 place and Carrie Randle (Kilkenny) from 25th to 16th place.

Well done to all these players for making it into the top 16 for the first time.

Players who moved down the rankings but remain in the top 16 are, Louise Jordan (Meath) from 3rd to 9th place, Paula Judge (Dublin) from 6th to 10th place.

Players moving out of the top 16 this season are, Valerie Maloney (Offaly) from 5th to 20th place, Rachael Bradley (Kildare) from 10th to 43rd place, Katie French (Kildare) from 13th to 19th place, Megan Randle (Kilkenny) from 14 to 36th place, Suzanne Randle (Kilkenny) from 15th to 60th place and Roisin Beale (Kildare) from 16th to 31st place

Emirjeta Doda from Dublin has held her number 12th spot from last season.

We thank all our players regardless of their ranking for their support and participation during the season and we look forward to seeing you all again during the new season ahead.


Rank Name Club/School Tot
1st Annette Newman Griffith Club, Carlow 11200
2nd Cathy Dunne Celbridge, Kildare 7400
3rd Christine Carr Sharkx Newbridge, Kildare 7400
4th Jennifer Earle  Dublin 6400
5th Margaret Browne Royal S.C. Navan, Meath 5600
6th Joanna Ward Celbridge S.C., Kildare 5300
 7th Michelle French CYMS Newbridge/KILDARE 5200
8th Tina Keogh Rilsa Academy , Offaly 4800
9th Louise Jordan Navan S.C./Meath 4400
10th Paula Judge Celbridge S.C. Kildare 4000
11th Stephanie Morrison Griffith Club Carlow 4000
12th Emirjeta Doda  Dublin 3800
13th Claire Mill Dublin 3200
14th Sileena Ennis St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 3100
15th Celine Chelariu St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 3100
16th Carrie Randle Kilkenny 3000
17th Aoife Williams St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 3000
18th Niamh Barrett St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 3000
19th Katie French CYMS Newbridge/KILDARE 2600
20th Valerie Maloney Rilsa Academy, Offaly 2600
21st Alex Murane St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2600
22nd Aoimheann Kearney St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2600
23rd Fiona Carr St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2600
24th Ailish Murphy St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2600
25th Abbie Thompson St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2600
26th Kerry Doran St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2600
27th Emma Daly St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2600
28th Naoimi Moore St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2500
29th Jessica Beatty St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2500
30th Kirsty Curtis St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2500
31st  Roisin Beale Sharkx Newbridge, Kildare 2400
32nd Orla Duffy St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2100
33rd   Katelyn O’Reilly St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2100
34th  Lucy Corcoran St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2100
35th Chloe Hutton St Laserians, Carlow 2000
36th Megan Randle Kilkenny 2000
37th Caroline O’Connor St Laserians, Carlow 2000
38th Candy Coaughwell St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2000
39th Zoe Smith St Laserians, Carlow 2000
40th Jodie Moore St Laserians, Carlow 2000
41st Leah Shortt St Laserians, Carlow 2000
42nd Chloe Carey St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1600
43rd Rachael Bradley St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1600
44th Katie Gerathy Glynn Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500
45th Lillymay Hosey Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500
46th Chantelle Meaney St Laserians, Carlow 1500
47th Brona Fitzgerald Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500
48th Vera Lawlor St Laserians, Carlow 1500
49th Abbie McDonald Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500
50th Alisha Molloy Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500
51st Katie Sweeney Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500
52nd Meabh Donnelly Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500
53rd Amy Farrell Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500
54th Mia Fitzpatrick Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500
55th Amy McDonald Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500
56th Jean Corcoran St Marks Newbridge 1500
57th Kristin Earls St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
58th Donna Dunne Dublin 1300
59th Aveleen Lynham St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1100
60th Suzanne Randle Kilkenny 1000
61st Susan Hanlon  Dublin 1000
62nd Rosie Young Portarlington S.C. Laois 1000
63rd Lucinda Monahan St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1000
64th Edel Hannon St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1000