319 Women and girls have made it onto the RILSA National Amateur Ranking list since September 2014.  This is an amazing achievement for our organisation in such a short period.  If participation is first on the agenda of any female sport, we have really set the bar high in female cue sports here in Ireland.

The provisional list see’s Annette Newman from Carlow at number 1 for the 4th season in a row but with 3 events remaining this season anything can happen.  Tina Keogh from Laois is holding 2nd spot which makes for a great season for her on the tour while Christine Carr from Kildare sits in 3rd place followed closely by Valerie Maloney from Offaly in 4th spot.  All going great for these top 4 so far.

Current National Champion, Paula Judge from Dublin holds firm in 5th spot with Cathy Dunne also from Dublin holding at 6th place.  Michelle O’Boyle from Kildare has improved her previous standings making it into the top 8 at 7 spot while newcomer Louise Jordan from Meath is holding onto 8th place to date.

Others who make up the rest of the top 16 on the list have all improved their standings this season with some good results in our events.  Especially good results from our junior players who are making their mark on the tour, such as Rachel Bradley (Kildare) in 9th followed by Katie French (Kildare) in 10th spot, Roisin Beale (Kildare) in 12th place and Megan Randle (Kilkenny) 14th spot and Emirjeta Doda from Dublin holding 15th place.

Suzanne Randle from Kilkenny is back into the top 16 at 11th spot while Margaret Browne from Meath is also back at 13th place.  Rosie Young from Laois completes the top 16 with 16th spot.

A few players who have dropped out of the top 16 but are very capable of making it back are  Carrie Randle from Kilkenny at 17th spot while Sandra Bryan from Wexford and former number 1 is sitting in 27th place followed by young Grace Byrne from Carlow in 28th spot at the moment.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing how the second half of the season unfolds as we get the Tour underway on Saturday 26th January in Navan for the Inaugural National 10 Red Championship which is a new ranking event also on our calendar.


Rank Name Club/School Tot Tot
1st Annette Newman Griffith Club, Carlow 6900 28
2nd Tina Keogh Portarlington S.C., Laois 5200 8
3rd Christine Carr Sharkx Newbridge, Kildare 5000 6
4th Valerie Maloney Portarlington S.C., Laois 5000 2
5th Paula Judge Celbridge S.C. Kildare 4800 22
6th Cathy Dunne Celbridge, Kildare 4400 16
 7th Michelle O’Boyle Celbridge S.C./KILDARE 4300 13
8th Louise Jordan Navan S.C./Meath 3700 17
9th Rachel Bradley St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 3500 1
10th Katie French Celbridge S.C./KILDARE 3000 0
11th Suzanne Randle Kilkenny 2800 6
12th Roisin Beale Sharkx Newbridge, Kildare 2800 1
13th Margaret Browne Royal S.C. Navan, Meath 2600 1
14th Megan Randle Kilkenny 2900 2
15th Emirjeta Doda Joey’s S.C. Dublin 2700 0
16th Rosie Young Portarlington S.C. Laois 2200 0
17th Carrie Randle Kilkenny 2100 0
18th Jennifer Earle Joey’s S.C. Dublin 2000 0
19th Katelyn O’Reilly St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2000 0
20th Lucinda Monahan St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2000 0
21st Edel Hannon St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2000 0
22nd Marion McKeon St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2000 0
23rd Selina Ennis St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2000 0
24th Candy Coaughwell St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 2000 0
25th Susan Hanlon Joey’s S.C. Dublin 1800 2
26th Danielle Randle Kilkenny 1800 2
27th Sandra Bryan Breakers Gorey, Wexford 1600 0
28th Grace Byrne Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500 3
29th Clodagh walsh Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500 2
30th  Zoe Smith St Laserians, Carlow 1500 0
31st Natasha Walker St Laserians, Carlow 1500 0
32nd Michaella Walsh Ballinabranna, Carlow 1500 0