Such is the demand for participation in the RILSA National Snooker Championship 2017, that we at RILSA have to hold qualifying events to cater for such demand.

Never before in the history of women’s snooker here in Ireland has there been such interest in female cue sports as there is now.

RILSA have proved that they are the number 1 women’s cue sports organisation in Ireland and the largest in the World at present.  Our promotions, initiatives and positive encouragement has been extremely successful.

Below is the current list of those entered the National Championship Qualifying Zones that will take place in Navan Co Meath, Newbridge Co Kildare and Dublin over the coming week.

This list will be updated as we receive more entries

  1. Nadine Kelly
  2. Amy Byrne
  3. Louise Maher
  4. Aileen Curran
  5. Orla Byrne
  6. Aideen Cullen
  7. Dorothy Wilson
  8. Natasha Walker
  9. Teresa Fortune
  10. Zoe Smith
  11. Jodie Moore
  12. Keara Minion
  13. Celine Byrne
  14. Liz Lawler
  15. Edel Hannon
  16. Naoimi Mitchell
  17. Marion McKeon
  18. Sarah Furlong
  19. Genessa McGonagle
  20. Grace Brennan
  21. Shannon Kelly
  22. Maries S Montes
  23. Niamh Barrett
  24. Lucinda Monaghan
  25. Rosie Young
  26. Stephanie Morrison
  27. Kerrie Mulleney
  28. Mikeala Quirke
  29. Ena Mai Patel
  30. Ellen McGinley
  31. Ffion Tindall
  32. Clodagh Walsh
  33. Chloe McBride
  34. Esmee Molyneaux
  35. Emma McBride
  36. Colleen Devine
  37. Chloe Hayes
  38. Sabrina Joyce
  39. Vanessa Gavin
  40. Leona Doyle
  41. Sophie Donna Whelan
  42. Jolene Doyle
  43. Claire O’Brien
  44. Catriona Joyce
  45. Casey Coogan
  46. Biddy Power
  47. Anastasita Jeusova
  48. Rosie Power
  49. Shava-Maher-Bordalo
  50. Joanna Lee
  51. Katelyn O’Reilly
  52. Susanne Randle
  53. Megan Randle
  54. Carrie Randle
  55. Clara Quinto
  56. Joyce Forde
  57. Marion Blilet
  58. Micheala Walsh
  59. Kerri Mulliney
  60. Emma Carr
  61. Rachel Bradley



16 Players will qualify during these events to get to play the top 16 players on the RILSA National Ranking list at the Championship weekend Sharkx Newbridge.

Exciting times ahead for RILSA