The Inaugural National Intermediate Championship took place in Sharkx Newbridge in 2014 and was won by Valerie Maloney from Laois with a win over Tina Keogh from Offaly in the final.  Tina returned to the final in 2016 to win it over Lauren Carley from Carlow.  She was the first player to reach the final for the second time.  Susan Hanlon from Dublin would take the 2017 National Intermediate Championship Title against Aine Brennan from Carlow.  The 2018 final was contested for the first time with mother and daughter Suzanne and Megan Randle respectively with Megan winning on this occasion.  In 2019 the Randle family would set another record as twin sisters Megan and Carrie would contest the final with Carrie winning on this occasion and Megan equalling the record set by Tina Keogh for the first player to reach the final twice, however the 2020 final was again contested by the twins Megan and Carrie Randle setting a new record and this time out Megan took the title and is the first player to win the National Intermediate Championship on two occasions.

Carrie Randle holds the highest break at 26

Highest Entry 14 – 2018