The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association have started back in 2020 with the Horizon Scholarship programme that was initiated to get young girls into cue sports and encourage them through coaching along with goal setting over a period of time.

World Snooker Coach and RILSA Head Coach, Dan Carroll was on hand to give some coaching and mixed up the session with some psychology practice which will help develop their focus and concentration.

The girls enjoyed the day at the RILSA Academy Newbridge where the coaching and table time is free each week for 12 months.  This is a fantastic opportunity for them to improve their skills and advance their standard of play.

We can already see improvements with the girls and the most important part is that they really enjoy it.

We include both snooker and billiards training in the programme as some of these youngsters are on both cue sport tours with RILSA.

A record book on each player is kept during the Scholarship where they record their sessions and practice routines so as we can keep a close eye on their progress and commitment to the programme.

Thanks to Paul and Bernie of Sharkx Newbridge for providing this facility free to our girls who really appreciate it.