The CBS Westland Row Dublin joined RILSA in 2010, four years before we launched the newly formed Association in 2014 at the Dolmen Hotel Carlow.  This initiative was part of our renewal plan and structure in promoting girls snooker in the school system here in Ireland.

The CBS Westland Row was our blueprint project that we soon introduced Nationwide over the past 8 years into over 300 schools, 80 of which now have snooker tables donated, both full size and fold up, which comes to 130 tables in total.  30,000 children now have direct access to the sport in the school & college system here in Ireland with more tables on the way in the coming months and years as we extend our target goals from 100 tables by 2020 to 150 tables by 2025, as you can see we have exceeded our targets to date, such is the success of our initiatives in our promotions.

The CBS Westland Row has two full size tables that are utilised on a daily basis at the school.  The principal Kate Byrne is so supportive towards the sport and the many benefits it has in the areas of social inclusion, personal development among young girls in sport and their continued participation once leaving the school.  Alan Bailey and Rosie Carroll have been to the forefront of girls snooker promotions for many years and along with the support of Vanessa, Karl and Eddie and many of the other teachers at the CBS, it certainly encourages young girls into cue sports.

Over 60 girls at the school have enjoyed playing the sport while 22 made an impact on the RILSA Ladies Tour over the past 5 years.  Success came to the CBS when Emirjeta Doda took the inaugural National U21 Championship in 2014, she reached the final again in 2015 only to lose out to Danielle Randle from Kilkenny on that occasion, Emirjeta came back in 2016 to take the title again and in 2017 retained the title to make it 3 times RILSA National U21 Champion.

Emirjeta’s sister, Englentina also made good progress in the sport as both girls were top 2 on the National Junior Rankings over the past two years.

2017 saw yet another success for the CBS when Caitlin Tucker won the Dublin County Championships and Faye Jameson from the school was runner-up.


After school programmes to help the girls improve in the sport was initiated a few years ago along with Monday’s designated to girls cue sports while lunch times are divided among the students who wish to pursue their sport is also encouraged by all involved at the CBS.

We at RILSA are absolutely delighted to have the CBS as part of our ongoing school promotions now and into the future as we develop standards and give girls the facilities and encouragement to reach their potential in a sport they wish to follow on with for many years to come.