Tuesday 25th November was another milestone for the ladies sport of snooker, when the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association first ever Special Needs event got underway at Sharkx snooker club, Newbridge.  St Marks Special School Newbridge and St Laserians in Carlow had representation at this event.  16 Ladies fought it out to become the first ever Champion at this level and a great days competition was had at Sharkx.  Christine Carr of Sharkx and St Marks had good wins over Dorothy Wilson (St Laserians), Liz Lawler (St Laserians in the quarters) and Megan Curren also St Laserians in the semis for a place in the final.

Special Needs Ladies Group 2 2014

In the other half of the draw, Rachel Bradley from St Marks reached the final, having wins over Dawn Hamill (St Marks), Shannon Wilson (St Laserians, in the quarters and Mary Doran from St Laserians in the semis, to meet Christine in the final.  The final saw some great snooker from both players, but the experienced Christine Carr came through in the end to take the first ever title of RILSA Special  Needs National Snooker Champion.

St Marks group  finalists with teachers 2014

Congratulations to Christine on her win and to Rachel for a fine performance.  Congratulations to all the players for playing and making the event a great success.  A big thank you to Aileen of St Marks and John of St Laserians and all the teachers for their fantastic support and help throughout the day.  Thanks to Leon Costello and Tony Coogan for helping out and refereeing the semis and final.

St Marks & St Laserians Semi finalists with teachers 2014

Thanks to Bernie and Paul, and Sarah of Sharkx Snooker Club for providing excellent facilities and tea and sandwiches to all on the day.  We look forward to this event in 2015 as the players are going back to their respective Schools that have full size tables supplied by Stars Academy Ireland and they will take to the green baize to practice and improve their skill for next years events.



Christine Carr (Sharkx)                    1     Dorothy Wilson (St Laserian’s)                0

Liz Lawler (St Laserian’s)                1    Sarah Furlong (St Marks)                           0

Neicy Kavanagh (St Laserian’s)      1    Jessica Carr (St Marks)                              0

Megan Curran (St Laserian’s)          1     Edel Hannon (St Marks)                          0

Leah Mangan (St Marks)                  1     Orla Byrne (St Laserian’s)                        0

Mary Doran (St Laserian’s)              1     Rebecca Stewart (St Marks)                     0

Shannon Wilson (St Laserian’s)     1     Thayna Da Silva (St Marks)                    0

Rachel Bradley (St Marks)                 1    Dawn Hamill (St Marks)                          0



Christine Carr                                       1     Liz Lawler                                                      0

Megan Curran                                       1    Neicy Kavanagh                                           0

Mary Doran                                           1     Leah Mangan                                               0

Rachel Bradley                                      1     Shannon Wilson                                         0



Christine Carr                                      1     Megan Curran                                               0

Rachel Bradley                                     1    Mary Doran                                                    0


Christine Carr                                     1     Rachel Bradley                                               0