The Women’s Billiards season is now underway with a number of coaching and training sessions during January & February.

Aidan Murray our National Billiards Coach has been on hand coaching over the past number of weeks, preparing the players for the season ahead.

We are delighted with the progress to date and it promises to be yet another success for RILSA in 2018.  Current National Billiards Champion Annette Newman from Carlow is looking forward to the season and is preparing well to try and keep her record intact, as she has won all events since Women’s Billiards was initiated in December 2015.

Christine Carr from Kildare is like Annette preparing well after winning the inaugural Intermediate Billiards Championship in 2017, she hopes to win on the National Billiards Tour in 2018.  Christine has been close to Annette on a few occasions and is looking forward to improving this season.

Valerie Maloney from Offaly has been on the Billiards circuit since 2016 and was runner up in the Annette in the 2016 National Final and again made the Final of the Intermediate Billiards in 2017 only to lose out on a few points to Christine, Valerie has been a semi finalist on two other occasions and is fast improving on the circuit and is looking forward to the season ahead.

Our junior player, Roisin Beale is doing very well in practice and improving all the time, she finished 5th in 2017. At the moment she is provisionally 4th and hoping to keep a top 4 place by the end of the 2018 season.  A bright prospect for the future of women’s billiards.

Stephanie Morrison, Lauren Carley, Aine Brennan and Rachel Bradley will also make a comeback to women’s billiards and we are hoping that more women and girls come along a have a go at the sport.

The first Women’s Billiards Ranking will take place at the RILSA Academy Newbridge on Thursday 22nd February and we wish all our players a great season ahead.