Four new RILSA Referees were presented with their certificates at the RILSA Academy at Sharkx recently, after 4 weeks of seminars, written and practical exams.  These new referees now bring the RILSA Referee Panel up to 15 qualified with another member to be tested soon.  We hope to run another course before Christmas and have 20 + referees on the panel.

RILSA will run at least one course each year and if necessary more in order to keep up the number in the establishment of the association.

Congratulations to Annette Newman, Fran Keogh, Robbie Keogh and Jack Maloney on completing the course and we in RILSA wish them every success for the future in refereeing.

We have created the interest and stepping stone should they wish to pursue a future in snooker refereeing.

These new referees will start their official positions as referees at the RILSA Ladies International Irish Snooker Open at Joey’s Dublin next weekend.

The seminars were of 3 and half hour duration and the students had to do some home exercises and answer many questions on the rules during the weeks.  The practical exam took two and a half hours, so a great deal of information and demonstrations was given during the course.

It’s now up to each individual to get out and practice and develop the skills and information they received during the course, as if you don’t use it you will lose it as they say.

A big thank you to Paul and Bernie of Sharkx for their support and also a big thank you to Jen Barber who made up an amazing hand quilted framed RILSA crest (as in photo) and presented it to us through our Secretary Tina Keogh.

This will be displayed in our Academy at Sharkx Newbridge.

Check out Jen at or email her on