Since the merge a few weeks ago between SARI & RILSA and after a meeting of both organisations, SARI members representing their Countries will be part of the RILSA International Open 2017 at Joey’s Dublin next weekend.

Many of the players come from a pool background and are delighted to become snooker players and represent their Countries at the International.  Participation is utmost important in our initiatives as a cue sports organisation here in Ireland.  Along with SARI and their International bodies, we are going to develop the women and girls cue sports further afield .

With players representing Nigeria, Pakistan and Egypt in the mix this year, will only add to the success of this merge that is only in the early stages of promotion.

The Stick with Diversity venture by SARI will now include cue sports for the first time along side Baseball, Lacrosse, Camogie, Cricket, Croquet, Hockey, Hurling, Rounders, Shinty, Softball, Gilli-Danda and Table Tennis.  This is yet another positive step for RILSA.

Annette Newman & Emirjeta Doda were on hand to chat and give advise along with some coaching to the girls who will be taking part at the International at Joey’s.  We are looking forward to seeing them on the green baize next weekend.

The role of sport development and peace building is very much part of SARI’s remit.  Sport plays a significant role in promoting social integration, social capital, personal development, equality, respect, positive relations and peace building.

SARI has combined sport programmes with Strategic Development Goals education, anti-discrimination teaching, youth leadership training, social inclusion, cultural integration and peace building initiatives.

The UN recognises sport as a significant factor in global development and peace building

SARI is a not-for-profit, volunteer – driven NGO with charitable status using sport to promote social inclusion, cultural integration, global development, human rights and peace building in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and abroad.  They tackle issues such as racism, sectarianism, homophobia, conflict and all forms of discrimination.

SARI do fantastic work and we at RILSA are delighted to support their efforts and visa versa.