World Snooker Coach Dan Carroll held a two day coaching camp in Sharkx Newbridge recently.  The camp had 14 young players, all eager to get started on their journey to becoming good snooker players.  Day 1 was all geared towards technique and the importance of psychology.  Dan also made comment towards how important that diet, nutrition and exercise now plays such a huge part in snooker and that the benefits outweighs previous expectations that snooker players didn’t have to worry about such things.  We as coaches must promote healthy living to our young generation as part of the coaching pack, which will go a long way towards promoting the health of children in the modern era of snooker.  Ronnie O’Sullivan himself is an avid runner and competes in athletic events, also Fergal O’Brien is a member of Lucan Harriers in Dublin and takes his running very seriously and this exercise really helps our modern snooker players to compete at such a high level and to be able to maintain long hours on their feet and concentration during play.

Coaching Camp Sharkx 2015


Day 2 saw practice routines introduced to enable the player to develop skill and potting ability.  The use of the rest and safety play was promoted during the camp.  Mini competitions were also introduced and everyone really enjoyed their time at Sharkx.

Thanks to Bernie and staff of Sharkx for providing the clubs facilities during the two day coaching camp and making sure that all were well fed and watered.  Thanks to all our snooker players for their attendance and I hope that they all learned something new to help them on their journey within the sport.