World Snooker Coach Dan Carroll held a
day snooker coaching camp at Sharkx Newbridge recently.

During the 3 days Dan covered the basics on the rules of snooker along with the emphasis on the alignment, approach to the table, Bridge, Stance, Cue arm and striking the ball.  All those in attendance were delighted with the instruction given and everyone went away with greater knowledge and understanding of the game and skills necessary to improve in the sport.

They  were given various line ups and practice routines to help them improve during the weeks and months ahead.  Dan also gave a great deal of time concentrating on the mind game and used some of his new psychology practical skills and routines to help everyone keep control and focus during their practice sessions.

Thanks to all the players who attended and a special thanks to Paul, Bernie and staff of Sharkx for providing fantastic facilities and lunch each day during the camp

I want to wish all these players the very best of luck in the future and that I will provide back up and free advice anytime they need it during their playing careers along with follow up coaching during the year ahead.