40 Students from Spain and Ireland were introduced to Snooker at Sharkx recently by World Snooker Coach Dan Carroll.  The students had played pool but never snooker.  After a 20 minute introduction by Dan the students were excited to get started.

With the help of Leon, Joe and Alan of Sharkx the students played snooker and enjoyed the day at Sharkx.  By the time they finished, they were up to speed with the basics of snooker and all of these young students will certainly play snooker again in the near future.

Paul and Bernie of Sharkx were delighted with the students and some had time to try out table tennis and pool during their time at the club.

This type of promotion is very important to our sport and by introducing and encouraging young people to just try it out, is giving them the opportunity to assess their skills and maybe some will eventually take up the sport either as another hobby or on the competitive circuit.

We wish all of the students the very best of luck and hope to see them again visiting the snooker clubs and enjoying the sport.