World Snooker Coach Dan Carroll held a coaching day at Sharkx Newbridge recently.  A number of players from the special needs Pool were in attendance for this free coaching day.  Stars Academy Ireland are very much involved with helping young players in snooker, pool and billiards.

With the Programme into schools underway by Stars Academy Ireland, we hope to see a good uptake in cue sports among the students.

The coaching session at Sharkx was hailed a great success by Stars Academy Ireland and the players attending were delighted with the standard of coaching given.

The players were introduced briefly to the psychological side of the sport before getting down to practicing their skills where they were assessed on their alignment, cue action and encouraged to start purposeful practice instead of just playing games which is certainly useful but in order to raise their standard of shot selection, potting and positional play they really need to concentrate in this area also.

It was a pleasure coaching the guys as they really got involved and listened to the advice given.

Thanks to Paul and Bernie of Sharkx for providing excellent conditions on the day and we look forward to round two in October.