Stars Academy Ireland held the first ever Special Needs Mens Snooker National Championships at Sharkx on Tuesday 25th November 2014.  History is in the making again by Stars Academy Ireland.  We have worked hard over the past few years to get snooker into the Special Needs Schools and this is the result of our efforts to date, along with the help, support and co-oporation of all the teachers and staff at these schools.

St Marks & St Laserians Semi finalists with teachers 2014

Peter McDermott of Sharkx and St Marks in Newbridge played exceptional snooker on the day to reach his first National final and Alan Beale also of Sharkx and St Marks did the same as he played great snooker all day to meet Peter in the final.  The final was great with both player on form, but it came down to the colours, which Peter potted very well indeed to secure his win over Alan and take the first ever title in this category.

Alan & Peter Final

Congratulations to Peter on his win and to Alan on a great performance.  Well done to all the players from both St Marks and St Laserian’s Schools for playing so well and making the event the great success it was.  Thanks to all the teachers and mentors for their great support and help.  Thanks to Bernie and Staff of Sharkx for providing excellent facilities and refreshments to all on the day.  Thanks to Tony and Leon for helping and refereeing the final.  We look forward to these events again in 2015.




Tony Coogan (Sharkx)                              1     Eoin Moore (St Laserians)                   0

Killian Loughman (St Marks)                 1     Joe Dempsey (St Laserians)                0


Peter McDermott (Sharkx)                       1     Tony Coogan (Sharkx)                         0

Craig Keegan (St Marks)                           1     David Soilhs (St Laserians)               0

George Johnston (St Laserians)             1     Anthony Stynes (St Marks)                 0

Cian Brennan (St Marks)                          1     Jordan Walsh (St Laserians)             0

Brian Keogh (St Marks)                             1     Luke Kelly (St Laserians)                   0

Mikey Comerford (St Laserians)              1     Kamile Stanislawek (St Marks)        0

Ben Pereira (St Laserians)                         1    Sean Callen (St Marks)                       0

Alan Beale (St Marks)                                 1    Killian Loughman (St Marks)           0


Peter McDermott                                          1    Craig Keogh                                           0

Cian Brennan                                                1    George Johnston                                  0

Mikey Comerford                                          1    Brian Keogh                                          0

Alan Beale                                                      1    Ben Pereira                                            0


Peter McDermott                                          1    Cian Brennan                                        0

Alan Beale                                                      1    Mikey Comerford                                  0


Peter McDermott                                         1    Alan Beale                                               0