Again like all our events to date, we ensure that the current guidelines are adhered to and everyone felt safe and well looked after at the club.

Sharkx Newbridge go above and beyond when it comes to providing a safe place for all our events, with all our players conforming to the guidelines to help make for enjoyable competition.

Stephanie Foley from Carlow won her first National Intermediate Snooker Ranking event at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge.

Stephanie has been making progress in both Billiards and Snooker over the past two years and her first win on the Intermediate Snooker Tour is a result of her determination to improve.

In the semi finals Carrie Randle had a good win over Christine Carr who has dominated Intermediate Snooker over the past 5 years, a great result for Carrie while on the other table Stephanie Foley had to play well to see off Joanna Ward who has certainly made an impact on the Intermediate tour to date.

In the final Carrie had chances to take the frame needed to win but Stephanie kept in touch all the way to the colours and took her first win on the tour.

Congratulations to Stephanie on her win and to Carrie on a fine performance.  It’s great to see players like Stephanie make progress, we are sure she will continue to improve and mark her stamp in cue sports in the future.  Thanks to all the girls for their support as always and thanks to Bernie. Paul and staff of Sharkx for their continued support.