Susan Hanlon from Dublin was in fine form in the RILSA Intermediate Ranking 4 of the season at Spawell with a good win over Tina Keogh from Laois in the final.

Tina saw off Stephanie Morrison from Carlow in the quarters and Rachel Bradley from Kildare in the semis to reach the final while Susan had a close match against Christine Carr from Kildare in their semi final match to meet Tina in the final.

The final was a good match overall as both players played good snooker, however Susan proved too strong towards the end of the two frames needed to win the match and take the title at D’Arcy McGees Spawell.

Susan’s win puts her back into the top 16 at 9th place on the RILSA National Intermediate Ranking list while Tina now takes the number 1 spot moving Valerie Maloney down from 1 to 2 with only 300 points separating them.  Chrsitine Carr holds 3rd spot while Rachel Bradley moves into 4th place.  Young Jennifer Earle moves up to 6th spot while the Randle family all hold in at the top 8 for the moment.  We have to see at our ranking in March will these players hold their places as the season ends.

Congratulations to Susan on her win and to Tina for a fine performance.  Thanks to all the players for their participation and to Richie and staff at Spawell for their support.



Ranking Name Club/School Tot Tot
1st Tina Keogh Portarlington S.C. Laois 7500 10
2nd Valerie Maloney Portarlington S.C. Laois 7200 6
3rd Christine Carr Sharkx Newbridge, Kildare 6800 11
4th Rachel Bradley St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 5900 5
5th  Megan Randle Kilkenny 5400 15
6th  Jennifer Earle Joey’s S.C. Dublin 4600 2
7th Carrie Randle Kilkenny 3500 7
8th Suzanne Randle Kilkenny 3400 7
9th Susan Hanlon Joey’s S.C. Dublin 3300 4
10th Emirjeta Doda Joey’s S.C. Dublin 2800 1
11th Roisin Beale Sharkx Newbridge, Kildare 2600 0
12th Rosie Young Portarlington S.C. Laois 2400 1
13th Katie French CYMS Newbridge, Kildare 2400 0
14th Katelyn O’Reilly St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1800 2
15th Lucinda Monahan St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1800 2
16th Edel Hannon St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1800 2