Saturday 23 September saw TG4’s Face book live special promotion on women in sport take place at the Croke Park Hotel.

Dan Carroll and Annette Newman represented RILSA at the event which was very informative and well run by both TG4 and Sport for Business.

TG4’s support towards women’s sport is outstanding to say the least, we in RILSA are delighted to have TG4 supporting our events during the 2017-2018 RILSA Tour and we thank the Director General Alan Esslemont and Sports Editor Ronan O’ Coisdealbh for their support.

Rob Hartnett is the man behind the promotions and support towards women’s sport and these events would not happen without his hard work.  Thanks to Rob on behalf of RILSA for his work and support.

Blathnaid Ni Chofaig was amazed at the success and progress of RILSA in their promotions and developing the sport at schools etc, she is fully on board with her support towards our efforts and we look forward to great times ahead for women’s cue sports here in Ireland.

Rob Hartnett of Sport for Business said

“We were privileged to host an event on Saturday night, in partnership with TG4 that brought together leading lights within the Women’s Sport community to look at the challenges and opportunities they face.

Lyndsay Peat, Rachael Blackmore, Kellie Harrington and Valerie Mulcahy joined Gráinne McElwain for a live Facebook show which went out on the TG4 sport Facebook page and can be seen below.

They covered their own personal stories, of the work they put in to reaching the top of their sports and of their hopes for the future where the idea of Women playing sport is as normal and well supported as it is for men.

Listening to Kellie Harrington talk about the battles they still are fighting for Women in Boxing and about the pipeline of talent coming through is inspiring as is the humility of those who have achieved at the highest level despite the still sometimes second class nature of the back up around them.

It was a great night with an audience that included Fiona Coghlan, Sophie Spence, Jenny Murphy and Kim Flood from the world of Rugby, representatives of the biggest sponsors in Irish sport, Miriam Malone, CEO of Paralympics Ireland, Alan Esslemont the Director General of TG4 and Marie Hickey, President of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association.

We will be taking the conversation further at our third Annual Women in Sport Conference at UCD on Thursday November 30th when we will look at a theme of ‘Game Changers’ and some exciting themes and guest speakers than have done just that.”