The 5th Stars Academy Ireland National Special Needs Championship was won by Tristan Hurley from St Laserians Carlow after a great display of snooker by Tristan and all the players who participated at Sharkx Newbridge recently. Tristan had to fight for his title against Stuart Glynn also representing St Laserians Carlow.

On his way to the final Tristan saw off Andzej Mazevicius (St Marks) in the last 32, Shane Dowling (St Marks) last 16, David Taylor (St Marks) Quarter Finals and Killian McCartan (St Marks) in the semis.

At the Other end of the draw Stuart was in fine form and saw off Declan Baker (St Marks) last 32, Michael Faughner (St Marks) last 16, Jordan Duffy (St Marks) Quarter Finals and Nathan Hayden (St Marks) in the semis.

Tristan started well against Stuart in the final going ahead however Stuart had chances to catch up but unfortunately was out potted by Tristan towards the end of the match for Tristan to win and take the title and bring the trophy home to St Laserians for the first time.

Congratulations to Tristan on his win and to Stuart on a fine performance.  Well done to all the players for their participation and great display of cue sports on the day.  We see the standard rise each year in this area of the sport and its all down to the support of parents, teachers and Aidan Murray and John Hogan who coach the players on a regular basis.

Thanks to Annette for helping throughout the day and refereeing the final and thanks to the following teachers who supported and helped all day at Sharkx, Emma, Sheila, Ann, John.  Thanks to Bernie & Paul of Sharkx for providing excellent facilities as usual for our events, much appreciated by everyone.


Anthony Nugent (St Marks)            1      Charlie McSteen (St Laserians)

David Taylor (St Marks)                    1     Jack Brennan (St Laserians)

Shane Dowling (St Marks)                      Bye

Tristan Hurley (st Laserians)            1     Andzej Mazevicius (St Marks)

Dylan Brophy (St Laserians)            1     Miguel Dimingo (St Marks)

Jordan Donohue (St Laserians)       1     Jayden Garland (St Marks)

Matthew Kennedy (St Marks)          1     Shane Doyle (St Laserians)

Killian McCartin (St Marks)              1     Troy Taylor (St Laserians)

Nathan Hayden (St Marks)              1     Ian Carroll (St Laserians)

Shane Lawlor (St Marks)                        Bye

Conor O’Donnell (St Marks)            1     Nathan Moroney (St Laserians)

Mickey Comerford (St Laserians)           Bye

Jordan Duffy (St Marks)                  1     Ryan Doyle (St Marks)

Andy Caillaux (St Marks)                 1     Harry Redmond (St Laserians)

Stuart Glynn (St Laserians)              1     Declan Baker (St Marks)

Michael Faughner (St Marks)          1     Ben Timmons (St Laserians)


David Taylor                                   1     Anthony Nugent

Tristan Hurley                                 1     Shane Dowling

Jordan Donohue                            1     Dylan Brophy

Killian McCartin                              1     Matthew Kennedy

Nathan Hayden                              1     Shane Lawlor

Conor O’Donnell                            1     Mikey Comerford

Jordan Duffy                                   1     Andy Caillaux

Stuart Glynn                                    1     Michael Faughner


Tristan Hurley                                 1     David Taylor

Killian McCartin                              1     Jordan Donohue

Nathan Hayden                              1     Conor O’Donnell

Stuart Glynn                                    1    Jordan Duffy


Tristan Hurley                                 1     Killian McCartin

Stuart Glynn                                   1     Nathan Hayden


Tristan Hurley                                 1     Stuart Glynn