The County Secretary for Kildare is  Joanna Ward

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, there will be no County Championships until further notice.

Congratulations to Christine Carr on winning the Inaugural County Kildare Ladies Snooker Championship and well done to Rachel Bradley on her runner up spot in the event.  Thanks to all the girls listed below for their support in making the event a success, it would not have been made possible without everyone involved.

The 2018 event saw entries rise slightly and the final was again contested between Christine & Rachel with Christine holding firm to retain the County Championship Title again.  We thank everyone who took part and all the people who came along and supported the County Championships at Sharkx.

2019 saw Rachel Bradley take the title with Katelyn O’Reilly in Runner up spot.  Kildare is strong in support of female cue sports as can be seen from the events below.  Thanks to all the players for their participation and congratulations to Rachel on winning the event.  24 Girls have participated in the Kildare County Championship since its inception back in 2017. We are already looking forward to seeing this Championship in 2020.

2019 Entries

1 Rachel Bradley
2 Katelyn O’Reilly
3 Lucinda Monaghan
4 Edel Hannon
5 Zoe Gaffney
6 Emily Choisel
7 Jean Corcoran
8 Marion McKeon
9 Mariel Sue Montes
10 Celine Chelairu
11 Candice Craughwell
12 Sileena Ennis
13 Eva Doran
14 Danielle Bourke

2018 Entries

1 Christine Carr
2 Rachel Bradley
3 Lucinda Monaghan
4 Megan Keenan
5 Marion McKeon
6 Edel Hannon
7 Mariel Sue Montes
8 Celine Chelairu
9 Aoife Williams
10 Candice Craughwell
11 Shannon Kelly
12 Katelyn O’Reilly
13 Sileena Ennis
14 Niamh Barrett
15 Grace Brennan
16 Lucy Corcoran

2017 Entries

1 Christine Carr
2 Roisin Beale
3 Rachel Bradley
4 Edel Hannon
5 Naomi Mitchell
6 Katelyn O’Reilly
7 Sarah Furlong
8 Marion McKeon
9 Genessa Mc Gonagle
10 Grace Brennan
11 Shannon Kelly
12 Mariel S Montes
13 Niamh Barrett
14 Lucinda Monaghan


Rules for RILSA County Championships

  1. Players must reside within the County or have resided within the County for 1 year prior to 31st December each year in order to be eligible to enter.
  2. There must be at least 4 entries to hold a County Championship
  3. The full rules of snooker will apply to these County Championships with the exception of the foul and a miss rule when snookered on the object ball. (for more information on this, please contact
  4. An entry fee of €5 applies
  5. The County Championship Winner will receive a Gold County Championship Medal and a Silver County Championship Medal to the R/Up.  In the event that there is more than 12 entries then there will be medals for the Semi Finalists
  6. Dress Code is neat casual ie Association Polo Shirt/Blouse with slacks or dark leggings. If you are entering from a School/College then school uniform will be accepted.  Comfortable shoes is advised
  7. With regard to the format of the event, it will depend on numbers entering and it will be up to the Tournament Director or County Secretary to make the final decision on the format for the event.  Notice of such will be made available after the entries are in and posted at the venue on the morning of the event.