The RILSA Referee Panel was established in September 2014.  A number of qualified snooker Referees joined RILSA in support and now head up this important panel.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Snooker Billiards Ireland, RILSA are delighted to announce the recent qualified referees in both snooker and billiards.  A number of seminars were conducted by Neil Shanahan, Shane Mason and Brendan Devlin over a 3 month period where all those in attendance were put through their paces in refereeing.

The seminars were hailed a great success for both SBI & RILSA.

The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association’s new panel of referees will be on hand to help out at our many events each season as we make great progress in developing, promoting and fostering female cue sports here in Ireland

We will continue to encourage more females into refereeing in the years ahead and hold regular seminars in order to keep our referees updated and in touch with new practices and protocols when they arise.

Congratulations to our Grade 3 Qualified Snooker referees, Sandra Bryan & Peter McDermott and to our Grade 3 Qualified Billiard referees, Tina Keogh, Valerie Maloney, Dan Carroll, Dave Earle & Joe Lyons

Congratulations to our Grade 3 Qualified Snooker & Billiard referees, Annette Newman, Joanna Ward, Stephanie Foley and Jennifer Earle

Congratulations to our Grade 2 Qualified Snooker referees, Dave Earle, Dan Carroll & Joe Lyons

Since our referee qualifications in snooker & billiards many of our referees have officiated at National, International and World level, photos that follow tell the story so far