The County Secretary for Carlow is Dan Carroll

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19, there will be no County Championships until further notice.

Congratulations to Annette Newman on winning the inaugural Carlow County Snooker Championship at the Ivy Rooms and well done to Tara Byrne on reaching the final.  Thanks to all the ladies for their support.

In the meantime our County Federation will be holding a number of coaching sessions at the RILSA Academy Craanlusky during the months ahead, with the possibility of running a County League.

RILSA are delighted to have the support and sponsorship of Carlow Local Sports Partnership as they provide a grant towards the promotion of cue sports in the County through the RILSA Carlow County Federation.  This funding will go a long way in developing our juniors within our schools each year.

The 2018 Carlow County Championship was yet another resounding success for RILSA.  Congratulations to 11 year old Grace Byrne on taking the title and well done to Jodie Moore on her great performance in reaching the her first ever final in women’s cue sports.  Thanks to everyone who participated and supported our second Carlow County Championship.

Thanks to all the players listed below for their support


  1. Shannon Wilson
  2. Orla Byrne
  3. Aideen Cullen
  4. Grace Byrne
  5. Dorothy Wilson
  6. Tara Byrne
  7. Annette Newman
  8. Natasha Walker
  9. Neicy Kavanagh
  10. Teresa Fortune
  11. Zoe Smith
  12. Jodie Moore
  13. Joanna Lee
  14. Keara Minion
  15. Celine Byrne
  16. Liz Lawler


  • Shannon Wilson
  • Clodagh Walsh
  • Aideen Cullen
  • Grace Byrne
  • Shannon Jones
  • Leah Shortt
  • Michealla Walsh
  • Natasha Walker
  • Neicy Kavanagh
  • Teresa Fortune
  • Zoe Smith
  • Jodie Moore
  • Kerri Mulleney
  • Celine Byrne


  • Rules for RILSA County Championships
  1. Players must reside within the County or have resided within the County for 1 year prior to 31st December each year in order to be eligible to enter.
  2. There must be at least 4 entries to hold a County Championship
  3. The full rules of snooker will apply to these County Championships with the exception of the foul and a miss rule when snookered on the object ball. (for more information on this, please contact
  4. An entry fee of €5 applies
  5. The County Championship Winner will receive a Gold County Championship Medal and a Silver County Championship Medal to the R/Up.  In the event that there is more than 12 entries then there will be medals for the Semi Finalists
  6. Dress Code is neat casual ie Association Polo Shirt/Blouse with slacks or dark leggings. If you are entering from a School/College then school uniform will be accepted.  Comfortable shoes is advised
  7. With regard to the format of the event, it will depend on numbers entering and it will be up to the Tournament Director or County Secretary to make the final decision on the format for the event.  Notice of such will be made available after the entries are in and posted at the venue on the morning of the event.
  8. Players cannot represent two counties, but if in the event that a player is living in one county and working in another county, it will be county of residence that will take precedence.
  9. Players who have two properties in different counties must decide which county they represent. Again its important to note that you can only represent one county at these events.