The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association introduced the sport of Billiards into their Association for the first time back in December 2015.  During the previous 11 months a number of women were coached by our National Billiards Coach, Aidan Murray, who got these women trained to a standard for competition.  This time was well spent as the players really got behind this new initiative and the interest grew with RILSA now having had 14 women who attended and played competitive billiards over the past year.

Annette Newman from Carlow has dominated the sport to date by winning the inaugural Championship in 2015 and retaining it again in 2016 along with winning all 4 National Billiards titles in between.  Annette has recently completed her second successful season, winning all National Billiards titles for 2017.  However Tina Keogh and Valerie Maloney from Laois along with Christine Carr from Kildare have improved greatly in the sport and are hot on the heels of Annette to try and take the title in 2017.

Annette is the only woman in Ireland to have held both the Snooker and Billiards National titles in the same season along with holding the number 1 ranked spots in both disciplines.  Great history in the making for women’s cue sports here in Ireland.



Ranking Name Club/School Tot
1st Annette Newman Griffith Club, Carlow 8,500
2nd  Christine Carr Sharkx, Newbridge 6,600
3rd  Tina Keogh Portarlington S.C., Laois 4,200
4th Valerie Maloney Portarlington S.C., Laois 4,200
5th  Roisin Beale Sharkx, Newbridge 3,800
6th Stephanie Morrison Griffith Club, Carlow 2,000
7th  Lauren Carley Griffith Club, Carlow 1,000
8th  Emma Carr Sharkx, Newbridge 1,000
9th  Rachel Bradley Sharkx, Newbridge 1,000
10th  Stephanie Power Sharkx, Newbridge 1,000
11th  Grace Byrne Griffith Club, Carlow 1,000
12th Tara Byrne Griffith Club, Carlow 1,000
13th Clodagh Walsh Griffith Club, Carlow 1,000
14th Aine Brennan Griffith Club, Carlow 1,000