CHAIRPERSON     Dave Earle

SECRETARY           Emirjeta Doda

COMMITTEE         Cathy Dunne & Joe Lyons


On 29th March 2016 the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association held a meeting that resulted in the formation of Regional Associations and committee members elected to oversee the initiation and running of these important new institutions in order to commence serious promotional initiatives in these Regions, along with these Regional Associations the introduction of County Federations will soon filter through.

History in the making as RILSA now officially cover every County in Ireland as part of our 10 year plan “Pathway to Success 2015-2025”

The Regional Associations will be tasked with promoting snooker and cue sports through the schools, colleges, youth reach centres, clubs and any other facility that promotes cue sports in any way in their area of responsibility and will submit an annual report to RILSA.

The County Federations will report to the Regional Association and will be responsible at promoting County Championships in their areas.


The Inaugural Dublin County Federation Snooker Championship – Joey’s Dublin September 2017 – Player Entry

  1. Caitlin Tucker
  2. Rosie Carroll
  3. Emirjeta Doda
  4. Ciara Gannon
  5. Faye Jameson
  6. Kate Gannon
  7. Annie Boyd
  8. Lorena Nemes