RILSA held a coaching day on Saturday 29th January in both snooker & billiards.  The attendance was good and everyone really enjoyed the day.

World Snooker Coach Dan Carroll began the two hour session with some basic routines and sighting exercise followed by a talk on psychology that introduced our members to keep control, focus and concentrating while in play.

A breakdown exercise of what is required from the start of selecting the shot to the delivery of the cue was given by Dan.  This was very helpful to all present and they will go away with the knowledge if you apply each step it will go a long way to improving their standard of play.

A practice routine developed by Dan which includes a number of memory stages and full concentrating is required to complete the exercise, is all part of putting psychology into actual practice on the table.

Aidan Murray our World Billiards Coach took over from Dan at the half way mark where everyone were put through their paces with a number of shots and practices given by Aidan.  They all enjoyed the coaching and information given on the day and both Dan and Aidan hopes that they will now go on to practice on a regular basis and show improvement over time.

We will arrange another days coaching in the near future along with our twice monthly workshops that have been very successful to date.