As part of our 5 year plan, the team at Female Cue Sports Ireland continue with the development project introducing young girls to both snooker and billiards through workshops organised by the organisation.

Both Aidan Murray and Dan Carroll give coaching lessons and advice to these young girls who may wish to take up cue sports and encourage participation in these workshops and most important that they have fun and enjoy these sports that are available to them

Social interaction is very visible in these workshops and is a way to make friends and have fun time playing cue sports.  We are seen an increase in the take up of cue sports in only a short time whereby girls who don’t normally play sport are interested in getting involved just to meet up a play a few games

As the programme advances over time we will have a better understanding as to the overall affect it will have on those who take up cue sports and at what level they will participate on a regular basis.  We are keen to keep records of participation and the duration among young females going forward, lets hope the interest increases further and that young females continue to play cue sports for much longer periods than ever before

Thanks to all the girls from the Holy Family School Newbridge who took part in our 3rd workshop at the RILSA Academy recently and we hope to see them at the Academy again soon

Thanks to Aidan Murray for all his great work and the coaching team at RILSA