As we ramp up our Snooker and Billiards referees panel at RILSA, the Referees Association were once again on hand to help conduct seminars and tests for our members attending these seminars over the past few months.

Thanks to Neil Shanahan and Shane Mason for their help and support

Congratulations to Dave Earle and Joe Lyons on regaining their Grade 2 Certificates in both Snooker and Billiards and we wish them well in the future.  We are delighted with the response from our members to date in securing a full panel of referees to help officiate at our busy calendar of events during the season.

The opportunity for our referees to advance their skills and knowledge along with a pathway to top refereeing in the future is now theirs to pursue should they wish and both RILSA and the Referees Association are there to help.

More to follow on our Billiards Seminars soon