Annette Newman from Carlow finished the 2021 season unbeaten in all 6 National Amateur Billiards Rankings completing a flawless season once again on tour.  This secures her the National number 1 Irish Amateur Billiards player for 2021 making it 6 seasons in a row for the Carlow woman.  An amazing achievement for her.

Annette took up billiards in 2015 taking the Inaugural National Championship title then and has continued her reign as National Champion since winning 6 in a row, she is hoping to make it 7 in a row when she defends her crown in December.

Out of 31 National Ranking events since 2016, Annette has won 30 titles, Christine Carr from Kildare won ranking 2 of the 2018 season by 10 points.  Also to her credit, Annette won the Inaugural 100 Up National Championship title in 2019 and was runner up to Joanna Ward from Kildare in 2020.  Annette is hoping to regain this title also in December.

While Annette has dominated the National Billiards tour over the past 7 years, she is very aware of the standard of the other players rising all the time and on the day anything can happen, so she won’t be taking anyone for granted as they are all good billiard players and very capable of results.

Christine Carr has held the National number 2 spot for the past 6 seasons and is certainly worthy of her place in female billiards here in Ireland, a great achievement for her

Congratulations to Annette on a fantastic achievement and to Christine on her great achievement also.  Well done to all the girls who have all supported these events and are making such a difference on tour.  We really appreciate their participation


  1.  Annette Newman (Carlow)
  2.  Christine Carr (Kildare)
  3.  Joanna Ward (Kildare)
  4.  Stephanie Foley (Carlow)
  5.  Tina Keogh (Offaly)
  6.  Valerie Maloney (Laois)
  7.  Jennifer Earle (Dublin)
  8.  Michelle French (Kildare)