Annette Newman from Carlow won the 6th and final National Amateur Billiards Ranking event of the season and in doing so makes it 5 in a row.  Her win sets her number 1 spot on the National Amateur Billiards Rankings for the 8th consecutive season, a fantastic achievement for the Carlow woman

Group 1 and the first session Annette Newman from Carlow had a good win over newcomer to the tour Jackie Trulock from Dublin, who played well in their match but Annette finished strong in a low scoring game 52-31 on the alarm while Stephanie Foley from Carlow had a good win over Jennifer Earle from Dublin on the alarm 45-14

Group 2 saw Christine Carr from Kildare score well against Valerie Maloney from Laois and took the win on the clock 79-32.  Joanna Ward from Kildare won her match against newcomer Veronica Hallahan from Dublin 51-22

In the second session of Group 1 Annette saw off a fight from Stephanie towards the final minutes to take her second win on the alarm 47-34.  Jennifer just pipped Jackie on the alarm by 1 point 40-39 to take the win.  In Group 2 Valerie upped her scoring against Joanna to take the win on the clock 62-36 and Christine only got over the line against Veronica by two points on the alarm 41-39

The final Group sessions would determine the group winners that would contest the final and group 1 would see Annette finish strong against Jennifer taking the win 62-29 and Stephanie saw took the win against Jackie finishing 50-29.  Group 2 saw Valerie take the win over Veronica 48-30 on the alarm and Joanna would take the win against Christine 58-44 on the alarm

With the points tallied it would be Annette and Christine who would contest the 45 minute timed final

The final saw a slow start in scoring by both players however Annette got into her stride after 10 minutes and scored well each time to the table, Christine was trying to get back into the match in the final minutes but time run out and Annette took the win by 40 points on the alarm 86-46

Congratulations to Annette on her win and well done to Christine on a fine performance.  Annette now tops the rankings at number 1 for the 8 season in a row, also Christine secured her number 2 spot for a record 8 season in a row so both players keeping their respective places on the National Amateur Billiard Rankings.

Well done to all our ladies who supported our Billiards tour this season and we welcome both Jackie and Veronica to the tour and wish them well for the new season.  We still have the National Amateur Billiards Championship and 100 Up Championship along with the National Intermediate Billiards Championship yet to come.  The National Billiards League will commence soon so still a lot of Billiards ahead

Thanks to Dave Earle who refereed throughout the event and a big thank you to Bernie and Paul and staff of Sharkx for all their support