Bailey Mills won the 2022 National Special Needs Snooker Championship at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge recently.  This is the first event run by Stars Academy Ireland since the pandemic and it was great to see so many entries for the return of this event.

In the last 32 stage, Sean Hayden won against Mason O’Mahoney, Cathal Kennedy won his match against Aaron Browne to advance to the last 16.  Jack O’Donohue won against Christy Convery and Aaron Murphy took the win against Liam Daly for a last 16 spot.

Bradley Browne took on Daniel Comerford to take the win while Mark O’Shea was in form to win against Cian Thompson for a place in the last 16.  Terry Drumgoole won against Ciaran Brooks and Danny Murphy was the winner against Sean Rowe.  Kerian Murphy won against Aaron O’Sullivan and Kristian Vasluskas won his match against Adam Brady to advance to the last 16. Conor Brady won against Filip Rutowicz and Bailey Mills won against Jack Doyle to make it through and complete the last 16 line up.

The last 16 saw Cathal Kennedy make it through to the quarters after a good win over Sean Hayden, Aaron Murphy won against Jack O’Donohue to meet Arron in the quarters. Bradley Brown won against Mark O’Shea to advance and Terry Drumgoole saw off Eric Walsh to meet Bradley in the quarters.  At the bottom half of the draw we saw Raivis Briska take the win over Conor Breen for a place in the quarters while Danny Murphy won against Jamie Smyth to meet Raivis in the quarters.  Kerian Murphy won against Kristian Vasluskas to advance and Bailey Mills won against Conor Brady to go through and complete the quarter final line up

Aaron Murphy would see off Cathal Kennedy for a place in the semis while Terry Drumgoole won against Bradley Browne to meet Aaron in the semis. Danny Murphy won against Raivis Briska to make it through and Bailey Mills won against Kerian Murphy to meet Danny in the semis

In the Semi Finals Terry Drumgoole had to play well against Aaron Murphy to take the win and a place in the final and likewise Bailey Mills was in form to take the win over Danny Murphy to meet Terry in the final

The final was a great match between terry and Bailey with Bailey potting well at the end to take the win and title of National Boys Special Needs Champion 2022.  Congratulations to Bailey on his win and well done to Terry on a fine performance.  Thanks to all the Boys for taking part and supporting the event along with all the teachers of our special schools for all their help and support.

Thanks to Annette Newman for helping out and refereeing the final and thanks to Bernie, Paul and staff of Sharkx for all their support towards our Special Needs events.