The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association held their AGM at the Keadeen Hotel on Tuesday 25th July 2023.

Attendance was good on the evening with the current full Board and a number of players, referees and coaches present.

The outgoing Chairman Dan Carroll welcomed everyone and went through the Agenda for the evening.  Dave Earle the outgoing Secretary ran through the minutes of the AGM of 18th June 2022 with no questions from the floor the minutes were adopted and carried.   Dave then gave a report on the season to date, he thanked everyone for their support and participation by our players through the busy year and thanked all the coaches, referees and Board members for all their hard work.

Dan Carroll gave a comprehensive report on all events throughout the season and like Dave thanked everyone for their hard work and support.  Dan thanked SBI for their support during the season and that the Partnership would continue for a further two years commencing on 7th June 2023.

Annette Newman the outgoing Treasurer gave a break down of the accounts for the year 2022 which was proposed by Dave Earle and seconded by Stephanie Foley and carried.  Funding from Women in Sport at Sport Ireland was welcomed and this funding will be used in developing our all girl schools programme along with upgrading our website, branding and coaching going forward.

We thank Nora Stapleton the head lead at WIS and Shane Califf head of NGB’s at Sport Ireland for all their help and support, much appreciated indeed.


The current Board of RILSA were elected in block as there were no objections or other nominations from those in attendance, a show of hands was requested and the Board were unanimously elected to serve another three year term.  Congratulations to the Board on their re election for another term and in recognition of a job well done on behalf of female cue sports here in Ireland.

A number of proposals were put forward and discussed

Proposal 1 by Dan Carroll and Seconded by Dave Earle that RILSA while remaining as the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association that RILSA now be replaced by Female Cue Sports Ireland in order to facilitate the three cue sport disciplines under this new entity.

This was agreed by all in attendance and with a show of hands Female Cue Sports Ireland is now officially the new entity as the lead body developing, fostering and promoting female cue sports in Ireland.  The following Associations will now come under this new title such as the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association, the Republic of Ireland Ladies Billiards Association and the Republic of Ireland Ladies Pool Association

Proposal 2 by Dan Carroll and seconded by Dave Earle that the current RILSA constitution be adopted by Female Cue Sports Ireland and that the necessary changes be made by the Board to reflect this.

This was agreed by all in attendance and with a show of hands the RILSA constitution will now become the constitution of Female Cue Sports Ireland with the necessary word changes to be made in this document and presented at the next meeting of Female Cue Sports Ireland

The three Associations RILSA, RILBA and RILPA will each have a three person committee co-opted by Female Cue Sports Ireland with each committee having a Board member of Female Cue Sports Ireland overseeing these committees

Under AOB Dan Carroll informed the meeting that Louise Maher had made a request to have the seeding of players for events changed to 4 once there were 8 entries, this was discussed and that to have half of the entry to an event seeded was seen as unfair and that the current seeding system remain in place.  However it was suggested by Aidan Murray that it would be a good idea to have the 6 Red and 10 Red Championships open events with no seeding in place, this would be better and give players better odds and make for the possibility of lower ranked players gain ranking points with the possibility of the stronger players been knocked out at earlier rounds.

This was agreed for next season the 6 Red and 10 Red Championships will now be open draws with no seeds.

With nothing further to add, the Chairman thanked all in attendance and closed the meeting at 9.30pm