Dear Members

We ask you to read through the Return to Sport guidance September 2021 Final below.

We ask all of our members not to enter events if you have symptoms of COVID-19  48 Hours prior to an event and to have a test completed with a negative result should you wish to enter events.

We thank your continued commitment to reopening sport and physical activity in a safe and COVID friendly manner. Sport Ireland continues to recommend that Sporting Organisations maintain overarching structures and basic protective measures throughout the Winter season.

These include the use of COVID 19 Officers, recommending symptomatic individuals do not participate in or attend sporting activities, the ongoing promotion of good respiratory & hand hygiene along with the wearing a face coverings in relevant settings.


Up to date and active Communication by Sporting Organisations on existing measures will assist with the ongoing promotion of public health measures at a local level.

Return to Sport Guidance September 2021 Final