The Home Rule Club Kilkenny has joined RILSA in helping to develop and promote female cue sports in the City and County.

The President of the Home Rule Club, Darina made contact with RILSA to arrange an open evening to encourage female players to join the club and establish competition to further our promotions.

The RILSA President Annette Newman and Chairman Dan Carroll attended the open evening where 6 females were in attendance.  They received information on RILSA as the lead organisation developing, promoting and fostering female cue sports in Ireland and coaching to get them started.

The ladies attending are very interested in improving their skills and are looking forward to entering competition during the season.

The evening was a great success, the ladies attending really enjoyed it and are set to make regular visits to the Home Rule Club, in particular on a Monday evening where a league will be arranged in the coming weeks to get them playing matches and learning the rules etc.

We at RILSA are delighted to welcome the ladies to the organisation and we wish them great success and enjoyment in the future.

The club itself is a fantastic facility in the heart of Kilkenny City, boosting two full size tables, a bar and beer garden.  A pool table and darts are also part of the club activities.

We look forward to seeing the ladies on tour during the season.

We thank Darina and the committee for all their help and support towards female cue sports