Annette Newman from Carlow leads the pack as we take stock half way through the National Billiards League which is held at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge.

Even though Annette is leading there is no place for complacency as the points are within touching distance with the remaining players all very close indeed and it is still anyone’s event as we commence the second half.

Week 1 saw Annette Newman from Carlow take on Valerie Maloney from Laois with Annette taking the win comfortably on the alarm 215 to 101.  Stephanie Foley from Carlow did well to win her first match against Joanna Ward from Kildare finishing strong with minutes to go 126-85.  Christine Carr from Kildare had to dig deep to keep ahead of Tina Keogh from Offaly to take the win on the alarm 149-127

Week 2 we saw a close encounter between Annette and Joanna with just minutes left on the clock, Annette finished strong to take the win 162-135.  Stephanie would have to step up her game against Tina who was playing good billiards and this she did again with minutes to go to take the win 127-104.  Christine held firm in her match against Valerie who was just below par on the evening to take the win on the alarm 130-91

In week 3 Annette was back to her good form and playing good billiards to take the win against Tina on the alarm 184-94.  Christine kept up her good form against Stephanie to close out the win on the clock 139-110 while Joanna had to play catch up against Valerie as the minutes ticked down to take the win 141-115

Week 4 would see Annette continue her form against Christine taking a comfortable win on the alarm 204-101 while Stephanie took control of her match against Valerie towards the final minutes to take the win 132-82.  Tina and Joanna were neck in neck all the way to the alarm with Joanna just pipping Tina 105-100 in their match.

Week 5 saw Annette and Stephanie struggle a bit in their match but Annette finished strong to take her 5th win in the league on the alarm 151-105.  Joanna was playing good billiards against Christine and finished strong on the clock to take the win 175-129.  Tina was in good form against Valerie in their match taking the win on the alarm 158-117.

Thanks to all the players for their support and to Bernie,  Paul and staff for their continued help and support towards female cue sports

The League table as you will see is very close and certainly makes for a very interesting second half where things can change dramatically.

Annette Newman            916

Christine Carr                  648

Joanna Ward                   641

Stephanie Foley               600

Tina Keogh                      583

Valerie Maloney               506