As we move towards future competitions on the main Amateur Snooker Tour, Annette Newman from Carlow the current Irish number 2 is poised in the provisional rankings as number 1. Louise Jordan from Meath and the current Irish number 1 has dropped to 12th spot on the provisional rankings while Christine Carr from Kildare the Irish number 3 has also dropped to 7th place.

Sandra Bryan from Wexford holds her 4th spot along with Megan Randle from Wicklow holds 6th, also holding their places on the provisional ranks are Jennifer Earle from Dublin in 11th and Emirjeta Doda from Dublin in 16th.

Players moving down the rankings are, Joanna Ward from Kildare 7th to 8th, Tina Keogh from Offaly 10th to 13th, Carrie Randle from Wicklow 7th to 14th, Margaret Browne from Meath 15th to 17th and Stephanie Foley from Carlow 5th to 10th.

Players going up the rankings in the top 16 are Cathy Dunne from Dublin 9th to 2nd spot, Michelle French from Kildare 12th to 5th, Claire Mill from Dublin 13th to 3rd, Valerie Maloney from Laois 14th to 8th and Suzanne Randle from Limerick is up to 15th place from 60th on the provisional rankings.

Many events yet to be played on the main tour. We will see these rankings change over the season ahead, so the very best of luck to all our players on the tour ahead.