The Republic of Ireland Ladies Billiards Association held a fundraising raffle at the RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge recently.

On behalf of the Board of RILSA I want to thank everyone who supported our fundraiser by buying a line and in particular to those who donated prizes for the raffle.

A special thanks to Valerie, Annette and Tina who supplied prizes. Larry O’Dea who supplied a two piece cue, Janette Barber who supplied a hamper of scent stuff from her collection. To the local community of Prosperous, Post Office, Lodnis, Larry’s off Licence and Blakes Pharmacy all who gave great prizes towards the raffle and we thank Joanna and Michelle for their help in getting prizes.

Thanks to Bernie and Paul of Sharkx for their donation of vouchers.

Thanks to Valerie, Tina, Annette, Christine, Joanna, Michelle, Stephanie and Jennifer who sold lines for the raffle.

The funds raised will help us to run both the Ladies World Irish Open Billiards and Masters in the coming months.

Again thank you all very much for all your help and support, it’s so much appreciated.