Annette Newman from Carlow has regained her number 1 National Amateur Snooker Ranking place at the end of the 2021-2022 season.  Annette had only dropped to number 2 spot last season after Louise Jordan from Meath had a great season on tour and took the number 1 spot from Annette.

Annette holds the record of having taking the number 1 National Amateur Snooker Ranking back in 2016 for the very first time and went on to hold number 1 for five seasons in a row and only dropped to 2nd place last season and returned this season to regain her number 1 spot, an amazing achievement for her and so well deserved for a woman who has been involved with ladies snooker for over 40 years.

Cathy Dunne from Dublin finished a credible 2nd place after a great season on tour and held number 1 in 2004.  Cathy has been number 2 in Ireland on 5 occasions, one of our top players on tour.

In 3rd place for the first time is Claire Mill from Dublin after making the top 16 in 2020 at 13th place and held her 13th place last season, Claire played her best snooker this season and deserved her number 3 spot.

Sandra Bryan from Wexford has been one of our consistent strong players since joining RILSA in 2013 having made number 1 spot in 2015 after her first season on tour.  2016 an 2017 Sandra held number 2 spot dropping only to 3rd in 2018 however she went down to 27th place in 2019 and dropped further to an all time low to 67th place in 2020, Sandra got back into the top 4 last season in 4th place and has retained her number 4 spot this season.

The top 8 places this season sees some improve their standings while a few drop down, Christine Carr from Kildare who held 3rd spot over the last two seasons has only dropped to 5th place this season, Stephanie Foley from Carlow was 5th last season and only dropped to 6th this time round.  Jennifer Earle from Dublin is back into the top 8 at 7th place after dropping to 11th last season.  Joanna Ward from Kildare has gone out of the top 8 to 11th place at the end of this season but is looking to get right back into the top 8 next season.

Megan Randle from Wicklow was 6th last season and has dropped to 9th this year and like Joanna she will be looking for a top 8 next time round.  Tina Keogh from Offaly has been a very consistent player on the RILSA tour since 2014 having held 7th spot on 4 occasions and this season made it back from 10th last year to again hold number 8th place for the 3rd time.

Louise Jordan from Meath has dropped to 12th place from 2nd spot last season after she missed a number of events but she will be back in the new season to improve her place on the tour rankings.   Valerie Maloney from Laois has improved her ranking by 1 place from 14th last year to 13th this time out.  Carrie Randle from Wicklow has dropped from 7th to 15th place this season while Suzanne Randle from Limerick has made great progress making it into the top 16 at 16th place from 60th last season.  Michelle French from Kildare moved down from 12th to 14th at the end of the tour.

Into the top 16 at 11th place after many years away from snooker is Margaret O’Driscoll from Kerry.  Margaret won 4 events in a row to seal her top 16 place and its very well deserved.  Margaret held number 1 spot in 2002 and will be gunning to gain that place during the new season ahead.

Other newcomers making a top 32 place on the RILSA tour are Louise Maher (Kilkenny) 20th, Michelle Morris (Donegal) 21st, Grushenka Arnold (Dublin) 22nd, Elizabeth Lynch (Offaly) 23rd, Christine Henderson (Donegal) 25th, Elizabeth Killeen (Galway) 26th, Laura Hughes (Limerick) 27th and Nafeesa Naz (Dublin) 28th

Congratulations to Annette on regaining her number 1 spot and well done to all those who improved their rankings and to those who retained a top 16 spot.  Well done to all our newcomers who made it into the top 32 and we hope to see the many newcomers and all our members back on the new RILSA tour that commences with the National Amateur Snooker Championship on Saturday 7th May 2022


Rank Name County Tot
1st Annette Newman Carlow 10700
2nd Cathy Dunne Dublin 10300
3rd Claire Mill Dublin 9800
4th Sandra Bryan Wexford 8800
5th Christine Carr Kildare 7400
6th Stephanie Foley Carlow 7400
 7th Jennifer Earle Dublin 7200
8th Tina Keogh Offaly 7200
9th Megan Randle Wicklow 7000
10th Joanna Ward Kildare 6200
11th Margaret O’Driscoll Kerry 6000
12th Louise Jordan Meath 5800
13th Valerie Maloney Laois 5600
14th Michelle French Kildare 5300
15th Carrie Randle Wicklow 4800
16th Suzanne Randle Limerick 4000
17th Emirjeta Doda Dublin 3800
18th Roisin Beale Kildare 3000
19th Donna Dunne Dublin 3000
20th Louise Maher Kilkenny 2800
21st Michelle Morris Donegal 1800
22nd Grushenka Arnold Dublin 1800
23rd Elizabeth Lynch Offaly 1400
24th Margaret Browne Meath 1000
25th Christine Henderson Donegal 800
26th Elizabeth Killeen Galway 800
27th Laura Hughes Limerick 600
28th Nafeesa Naz Dublin 600
29th Katelyn O’Reilly Kildare 500
30th Natasha Walker Carlow 500
31st  Aoimheann Kearney Kildare 500
32nd Fiona Carr Kildare 500
33rd   Abbie Thompson Kildare 500
34th  Emma Daly Kildare 500
35th Jessica Beatty Kildare 500
36th Kirsty Curtis Kildare 500
37th Orla Duffy Kildare 500
38th Chloe Carey Kildare 500
39th Celine Chelariu Kildare 500
40th Aoife Williams Kildare 500
41st Alex Murane Kildare 500
42nd Ailish Murphy Kildare 500
43rd Lucy Corcoran Kildare 500
44th Katie French Kildare 500
45th Rachael Bradley Kildare 500
46th Kerry Doran Kildare 500
47th Candy Coaughwell Kildare 500
48th Sileena Ennis Kildare 500
49th Niamh Barrett Kildare 500
50th Naoimi Moore Kildare 500
51st Chloe Hutton Carlow 500
52nd Caroline O’Connor Carlow 500
53rd Zoe Smith Carlow 500
54th Jodie Moore Carlow 500
55th Leah Shortt Carlow 500
56th Katie Gerathy Glynn Carlow 500
57th Lillymay Hosey Carlow 500
58th Chantelle Meaney Carlow 500
59th Brona Fitzgerald Carlow 500
60th Vera Lawlor Carlow 500
61st Abbie McDonald Carlow 500
62nd Alisha Molloy Carlow 500
63rd Katie Sweeney Carlow 500
64th Meabh Donnelly Carlow 500