Valerie Maloney from Laois completed an 8 week on-line Leadership Course held by Swim Ireland, supported by Women In Sport funding.

The Course was conducted every Monday evening commencing on Monday 17th January to Monday 14th March.  The course was delivered by Lisa Clancy and Sarah O’Shea

Valerie was delighted with the course and the professional manner it was delivered.  It provides an insight to the sporting area and gives her confidence to move forward in a positive and productive way in the future.  The course will certainly benefit our organisation as we further develop, foster and promote female cue sports here in Ireland.

Each week the participants were introduced to many guest speakers from the World of sport who they could interact with and ask questions which was really refreshing.

Valerie found the course to be very informative and helpful giving her insight to all areas of women’s sport and what they have achieved.  Valerie highly recommends this course to our members in the future.

Valerie who is our National Assistant Treasurer will take much of what she has learned to the Board table of RILSA and will benefit the Association.   The main topic covered on the course was networking and collaboration where females within all sporting organisations can get together and discuss and support each other in the future.  Leadership in the community and personal branding were other modules covered.  Crisis management within sport on how to deal the effects of a crisis on an organisation.

We at RILSA would like to thank Sarah and Lisa along with everyone at Swim Ireland who contributed to the successful running of the course and Nora Stapleton of WIS for providing the funding for our ladies.  Thanks to Snooker Billiards Ireland for their support and Dave Earle of RILSA for all their work in helping a smooth process for all concerned.