As we approach the final snooker ranking event of the 2022-2023 season, we see a number of players still in contention of a number 1 spot while others are looking to finish in the top 8 for the first time.

Annette Newman from Carlow is just ahead of Cathy Dunne from Dublin at number 1 with only 400 points separating them.  Annette has held the number 1 ranked player on tour on six occasions and holds the record since ranking events were introduced in 1986, however Cathy will be out to take number 1 spot for the second time since 2004, she has been number 2 on 5 occasions in the past.

3rd on the list this season is Claire Mill from Dublin and is in with a chance of making it to number 2 for the first time after going from 13th two seasons ago to 3rd last season.  4th place at the moment is held by Louise Maher from Kilkenny, this is Louise’s second season on the RILSA tour, she finished 20th last season, so a top 4 place this season shows great progress indeed for the Kilkenny woman

5th spot is currently held by Margaret O’Driscoll from Kerry, Margaret held number 1 in 2000 and is very capable of making the number 1 spot in the future but her point tally to date is not enough to gain it this season.  Tina Keogh from Offaly is holding 6th spot at the moment, her highest to date, Tina has been very consistent over the years since 2015 having held a top 8 place for 7 seasons.

In 7th spot at the moment is Christine Carr from Kildare, slightly down on previous seasons when she was in the top 4 on a number of occasions and was number 2 in 2019.  Christine is in with a chance of moving up a place or two before the end of the season again its all down to her performance in the last ranking event in March 2023

Joanna Ward from Kildare is holding 8th spot at the moment, up two places from last season and equal to that at the end of the 2020-2021 season.  Joanna was number 6 at the end of the 2019-2020, so is in with a shot of keeping within the top 8 by season’s end

Elizabeth Lynch from Offaly is in 9th spot so far after finishing 23rd last season and is in with a shot of a top 8 place also in contention of top 8 place are, Sandra Bryan from Wexford at 10th so far and Grushenka Arnold from Dublin in 11th spot up from 22nd last season.  Sandra is the most experienced player and will be out to fight for a top 8 spot by season’s end as she held number 1 in 2015 and was number 2 on two occasions in the past.

In 12th place is Jennifer Earle from Dublin and 13th spot is Louise Jordan from Meath.  Jennifer was 4th in 2020 and Louise was number 1 in 2021 after a great season on tour, so both players have been in top spots and are now fighting to stay in the top 16 by the end of season.  Stephanie Foley from Carlow is down to 14 spot from 6th last season, as she is out of action due to injury and is now likely to drop out of the top 16.  Valerie Maloney from Laois is at 15th spot and will have to make it through a few rounds at the last event to hold a top 16 place for the former top 8 player.  In 16th place is Margaret Browne from Meath, due to ill health, Margaret was unable to play much this season but is very capable of bouncing back for the former top 4 player.


Provisional Top 32 Players – National Ranking list 2022/2023 Season

Rank Name County Tot Tot
1st Annette Newman Carlow 7400 17
2nd Cathy Dunne Dublin 7000 20
3rd Claire Mill Dublin 6600 21
4th Louise Maher Kilkenny 5400 13
5th Margaret O’Driscoll Kerry 5200 20
6th Tina Keogh Offaly 5200 9
 7th Christine Carr Kildare 5000 2
8th Joanna Ward Kildare 4600 2
9th Elizabeth Lynch Offaly 4400 6
10th Sandra Bryan Wexford 3800 3
11th Grushenka Arnold Dublin 3600 1
12th Jennifer Earle  Dublin 2900 2
13th Louise Jordan Meath 2600 3
14th Stephanie Foley Carlow 2400 2
15th Valerie Maloney Laois 2000 2
16th Margaret Browne Meath 1800 2
17th Emirjeta Doda  Dublin 1800 0
18th Jessica Beatty St Marks Kildare 1500 3
19th Abbie Thompson St Marks Kildare 1500 2
20th Emma Daly St Marks Kildare 1500 2
21st Kirsty Curtis St Marks Kildare 1500 1
22nd Aoibhe Newman St Marks Kildare 1500 1
23rd Fiona Carr St Marks Kildare 1500 1
24th Orla Daffy St Marks Kildare 1500 0
25th Kerry Doran St Marks Kildare 1500 0
26th Caitlin Williams St Marks Kildare 1500 0
27th Megan Nolan St Laserians, Carlow 1500 0
28th Alex Murane St Marks Kildare 1500 0
29th Megan Randle Wicklow 1000 0
30th Michelle French Kildare 1000 0
31st  Carrie Randle Wicklow 1000 0
32nd Suzanne Randle Limerick 1000 0