The first RILSA team to participate in the Leinster Club Championship qualifiers, representing Sharkx Newbridge and played at their Academy in Sharkx along with the CYMS Newbridge was hailed a great success over the weekend of 8th and 9th of January last with the semi finals and 3rd place playoff held at the new SB Ireland Academy in Carlow.

The weekend event at both the CYMS and Sharkx saw teams from Cavan, Drogheda, Newbridge, Kilkenny and Liam Mellows take part to see who would qualify to the All Ireland Club Championships later in the month at the NEC Killarney where teams from all over Ireland will gather to see who will take the All Ireland Team Championship title for 2022.

After a long days competition Potters Pink and Liam Mellows managed to top their groups and faced Potters Green and Cavan in the quarter finals with both teams winning to set up a semi final clash.

The holders Kilkenny Shed came through their group, but in the other group, CYMS Newbridge the seeded team lost their group game to Potters Yellow, meaning Potters had topped the group with CYMS runners up.

Kilkenny Shed beat CYMS in the quarter final with Potters Blue beating Potters Yellow in the other quarter final

In the semi finals at the SB Ireland Academy on the Sunday, Kilkenny Shed took on Potters Blue and came out on top 3-0 but the matches were closer than the score line suggests.  Next up was Liam Mellows V Potters Pink in a very close battle with Liam Mellows 2-1 ahead and both other matches 2-2, Lima Mellows got their 3rd win on the board to come out 3-1 winners.

The Kilkenny Shed showed their strength and the reason they are the number 1 seeded team in Leinster by winning the final 3-0

The following teams have now qualified for the All Ireland Club Championships in Killarney


Kilkenny Shed

Liam Mellows

Potters Pink


Potters Blue

Potters Green

Potters Yellow

CYMS Newbridge

CYMS Cavan

The Leinster Council wish to thank the CYMS Newbridge, The RILSA Academy Sharkx Newbridge and SB Ireland for hosting the Leinster Club Championship Qualifiers and thank all the teams for their participation and support in making the event a great success.

We at RILSA are delighted to be involved for the first time and we wish all the teams going to Killarney every success and enjoy the event.

Our team made up of Annette Newman, Sandra Bryan, Stephanie Foley, Megan Randle and Carrie Randle all played great on the day and gave it their best with a number of very close matches that could have easily gone their way but just was not to be on the day.