Joe Lyons from the Sportslink Snooker Club Dublin will take over the position as Chairman of the Dublin Snooker Federation for the 2022 – 2023 League Season.

Joe has been involved right from the start of the Leagues back in 2001 when they were formed on the North side of Dublin City.   Joe is very dedicated to the sport and will be a great asset to ensuring the future of the Leagues and developing it further over the coming years.

It would take a few seasons for the Sportslink Team to take the League title and this they did in 2005/2006 and would return as runners up in 2007/2008.  The 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 seasons would see Sportslink take runners up once more.  The 2018/2019 season just before Covid would see Sportslink get to runner up place for the 4th time.  Great results for the club over the years.

In the Cup Competition Sportslink would get runners up in 2008 and 2015.  2017 was their turn to take the Cup Title.

Sportslink as you see have been very successful throughout the years which is all down to the players and management of the club.  The current Chairman, Dan Carroll will step down after 18 seasons with the Federation and he wishes Joe and everyone involved every success for the future, it was a pleasure to have been part of a great successful leagues over the years.

The Dublin Snooker Federation Leagues will return in September 2022 after two years out due to Covid-19 and Sportslink will stage the leagues for the season.


2001/2002 Griffith A Griffith B
2002/2003 Griffith A Griffith B
2003/2004 Breaks Griffith A
2004/2005 Breaks Griffith A
2005/2006 Sportslink A Homefarm
2006/2007 ALSAA Griffith B
2007/2008 Classic Sportslink A
2008/2009 Classic A Premier
2009/2010 Classic Westbury
2010/2011 Westbury A Sportslink A
2011/2012 Griffith Sportslink A
2012/2013 Mountjoy Griffith A
2013/2014 Joey’s A Griffith
2014/2015 Joey’s B Griffith
2015/2016 Joey’s Griffith
2016/2017 Griffith A Sportslink
2017/2018 Joey’s A Griffith A
2018/2019 Clontarf Griffith



2002 Darren Russell (Griffith A) Pat O’Brien (Pioneers)
2003 Ray Russell (Griffith A) Andy Sam (Griffith B)
2004 Robin Addie (Griffith B) Ronan Deegan (Griffith B)
2005 Ray Russell (Griffith A) Alan Cusack (Breaks)
2006 Ray Evans (Breaks) Joe Lyons (Sportslink B)
2007 Alan Bridgeman (ALSAA) Anto Lyster (Sportslink A)
2008 Mark Fitzgerald (Classic) Karl Vernor (Homefarm)
2009 Mark Fitzgerald (Classic) Andy Davison (Classic)
2010 Stephen McSherry (Griffith A) Dave Seales (Westbury)
2011 Ronan Deegan (Westbury A) Annette Newman (Griffith)
2012 Thomas Hand (Griffith) Dave Seales (Westbury A)
2013 Ronan Deegan (Griffith B) Stephen McAdam (Sportslink B)
2014 Ronan Deegan (Griffith) Fran Lanigan (Joey’s A)
2015 Aaron Holland (Joey’s B) Ronan Deegan (Griffith)
2016 Aaron Holland (Joey’s A) Mick Walsh (Joey’s A)
2017 Dave Seales (Griffith A) Paul Harrison (Sportslink)
2018 Dave Seales (Griffith A) Pat Holmes (Joey’s A)
2019 Aidan Pollitt (Clontarf) Darragh Hackett (Griffith)




2006 Homefarm Griffith B
2007 Griffith B Clontarf
2008 Classic Sportslink B
2009 Classic Pioneers
2010 Mountjoy Griffith A
2011 Westbury A Griffith
2012 Mountjoy Griffith
2013 Griffith B Mountjoy
2014 Mountjoy Griffith
2015 Mountjoy Sportslink A
2016 Joeys Griffith
2017 Sportslink Griffith A
2018 Griffith A Griffith B