The 2020 – 2021 Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association Season finished on 31st March last after a difficult year for all of us involved in sport.  However we managed to fully complete our National Billiards Calendar of 13 events along with half of our Snooker events during this time.

Louise Jordan from Meath finished Irish number 1 for the first time after a very successful season for her on tour, having won both the National 6 Red Championship and Maureen Butler Cup along with finishing runner up to Sandra Bryan in the National Amateur Championship.

The road to the top 16 was an eventful one this time round as we saw some great results for a number of our players during the season.  Emirjeta Doda from Dublin managed to remain in the top 16 going down from 12th to 16th place.  Margaret Browne from Meath one of the veterans of our sport also kept within the top 16 going from 5th to 15th.  Valerie Maloney from Laois got back into the top 16 going up from 20th to 14th spot after a good season for her.  Claire Mill from Dublin held her place at 13 for the second season.  Michelle French from Kildare dropped out of the top 8 after reaching 7th last season to now 12 position.  Jennifer Earle from Dublin dropped out of the top 4 from 4th to 11th and Tina Keogh moved out of the top 8 for the first time since 2014 from 8 to 10 on the National Rankings.   Cathy Dunne from Dublin and last season’s number 2 player dropped to 9th place.

Joanna Ward from Kildare managed to keep within the top 8 for her second season going from 6th to 8th place.  Carrie Randle from Wicklow made it into the top 8 for the first time at 7th after a good season on tour with her twin sister Megan Randle moving up from 36th place to 6th also a first for her in the top 8.  Stephanie Foley from Carlow also made it into the top 8 for the first time moving from 11th to 5th.

Sandra Bryan from Wexford was outside the top 64 last season but with a very consistent season and winning the National Championship for her second time catapulted her into 4th spot and well deserved after the season she had.  Christine Carr from Kildare has been consistent also during the season and kept her number 3 spot for the second season in a row, showing her good form.  Annette Newman from Carlow and Irish number 1 for the past 5 seasons in a row just dropped to number 2 which is a great achievement for her indeed.

Louise Jordan from Meath as already stated had her best season so far with RILSA and moved up from 9th to take the Irish number 1 spot for the first time and so well deserved after a great season on our National Ranking Tour.

Congratulations to Louise on her success and to all our players for making a difficult season such a great success in these unprecedented times.  Their participation is very much appreciated by the Board of RILSA and we look forward to the new season that we hope to get started in June 2021.

Thanks to Paul and Bernie of Sharkx Newbridge for hosting all out events during the season and with our new academy up and running  at Sharkx Newbridge there is a bright future for female cue sports here in Ireland.



Rank Name Club/School Tot
1st Louise Jordan Navan S.C./Meath 5700
2nd Annette Newman Griffith Club, Carlow 4500
3rd Christine Carr Sharkx Newbridge, Kildare 4300
4th Sandra Bryan Breakers Gorey, Wexford 3800
5th Stephanie Foley Griffith Club Carlow 3700
6th Megan Randle Wicklow 3500
 7th Carrie Randle Wicklow 3100
8th Joanna Ward Celbridge S.C., Kildare 3100
9th Cathy Dunne Celbridge, Kildare 2500
10th Tina Keogh Rilsa Academy , Offaly 2500
11th Jennifer Earle  Dublin 2300
12th Michelle French CYMS Newbridge/KILDARE 2300
13th Claire Mill Dublin 2100
14th Valerie Maloney Rilsa Academy, Offaly 2100
15th Margaret Browne Royal S.C. Navan, Meath 1500
16th Emirjeta Doda  Dublin 1500
17th Katie French CYMS Newbridge/KILDARE 1500
18th Roisin Beale Sharkx Newbridge, Kildare 1500
19th Rachael Bradley St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
20th Aoimheann Kearney St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
21st Fiona Carr St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
22nd Abbie Thompson St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
23rd Kerry Doran St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
24th Emma Daly St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
25th Jessica Beatty St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
26th Kirsty Curtis St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
27th Orla Duffy St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
28th Candy Coaughwell St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
29th Chloe Carey St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1500
30th Sileena Ennis St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1000
31st  Celine Chelariu St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1000
32nd Aoife Williams St Marks Newbridge, Kildare 1000