As part of our new National Development Initiative to increase participation and encourage females into cue sports, we at The Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association have begun to implement our plan, by having young girls attend an Information and Coaching day at our Academy Sharkx Newbridge

World Snooker Coach, Dan Carroll gave a brief introduction on the organisation, followed up with a demonstration on setting up the table and balls along with an explanation of the basic rules of snooker.

Dan explained and demonstrated the bridge hand, holding the cue and striking the cue ball in the centre.  The girls  had time to practice this for an hour or so

World Billiards Coach, Aidan Murray gave a demonstration and explanation on Billiards.  The girls all had a chance to play billiards and set up the half ball shot.


The girls really enjoyed the day at the Academy and were delighted with the standard of coaching, they are looking forward to coming back to the club to play.

We will be back in September to continue our development in the all girl schools but in the meantime those who have attended our workshops to date have been back to the club with a number of girls interested to advance to competition in the future.


A big thank you to Derbheral Dowling and teachers of the Holy Family School Newbridge for their interest in cue sports and all the girls who attended the day.

Thanks to Aidan Murray and Annette Newman for their help and support coaching, demonstrating and explaining  the various shots and rules of both snooker and billiards.

Thanks to Bernie and Paul for all their support